Rep Ronald Singson pleaded guilty to smuggling cocaine into Hongkong.

He told the judge,

    “I apologise to the people of Hong Kong. This was a very big mistake and in the process, I have ruined my name and reputation, embarrassing my family and causing pain to my girlfriend.”

    “I’ve never been more remorseful in my life. This is just the beginning of my problems. Not knowing my fate back home has cause me a great deal of pain.”

    “I ask you to find it in your heart to… sentence me with leniency. There’s nothing more I want than to go on with my life.”

I sympathize with Singson. He didn’t steal, he didn’t hurt anybody. He only went to Hongkong to attend an Usher concert and he brought along his favorite party drug. I know it is illegal but is it wrong?

For as long as alcohol is legal and doctors are allowed to prescribe anti-depressants, sleeping pills, pep pills, and all sorts of drugs that are bottom-line mood enhancers, I find no legitimate reason why some drugs should be illegal and some not.

Singson is a victim of wrong headedness, of a system that says, “We can decide how and what adults can or cannot consume in the pursuit of happiness, we can define and decide what should or should not make you happy. Because we can.”

Manuel Buencamino (241 Posts)

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