She called Reps. Umali and Banal “lawbreakers and thieves.”

    “I want to manifest that according to the timeline, Congressman Banal received a photocopy from an anonymous source on January 31. He has no clue where it came from. On February 2, Umali also received the same photocopied document and he has no clue where it came from.”

    “The law is very, very strict. When he is asking for information on a certain foreign currency account that does not belong to him, he is violating the law. When he entered the bank and asked for a certain foreign account, he was already violating the law.”

    “We don’t just accept a piece of paper…If you cannot explain how you got the document, then you must have stolen it.”

And yet when she was the editor of the Philippine Collegian Miriam Santiago wrote an editorial based on stolen university documents.

The biography of Miriam Santiago in Ramon Magsaysay Award website says:

    …as editor of the Philippine Collegian, she exposed UP involvement with the Dow Chemical Company in Vietnam-related chemical weapons research. Based on purloined university documents given to her secretly “in the dead of night,” her editorial, “Dow is Here,” revealed that the company had leased research facilities at the UP College of Agriculture at Los Baños. The editorial was reprinted verbatim in a popular Manila daily. Embarrassed, UP President Carlos Romulo tried to persuade DEFENSOR to reveal her midnight source. She refused.

Maybe she started it all?


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