Estrada and BInay were running mates in 2010, Estrada forgot to vote for Binay and Binay forgot to campaign for Estrada. But that’s water under the bridge now. 2013 is prelude to 2016 and the two politicians decided that by banding together they will be able to achieve their political goals. Estrada wants one of his sons to become president or vice president by 2016 or later, Binay wants to become president by 2016 or sooner.

Estrada’s Partido ng Masang Pilipino and Binay’s Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan formed a coalition called United Nationalist Alliance. The UNA senatorial slate speaks for itself: Loren Legarda, Chiz Escudero, Gringo Honasan, JV Ejercito, Milagross Magsaysay, Migz Zubiri, and any one of Binay’s children who are not yet in government.

Joey De Venecia is also part of the ticket. But he’s not like the ones listed above. He sacrificed a lot to do the right thing. He turned down a huge “buy-out” from Abalos, cost his father the Speakership, and neglected his businesses because there were certain lines he would not cross. Same thing with Koko Pimentel. He could have run in 2010 and surely won but he chose to pursue his election protest against Zubiri because he believed he won in 2007 and proving that was more important than winning a senate seat in a subsequent election. That’s principle, something that Legarda and his own father, both also filed election protests after losing elections, thought was not as valuable as winning a senate seat.

Ernesto Maceda describes Binay’s role in the coalition, “He does not just play an active role. He is the sole decision-making authority.” The sole decision-making authority. That’s quintessential Binay as mayor of Makati. The irony of a dictator leading a party called Partido Demokratiko Pilipino is lost to UNA members.

The issue in the coming polls, if we go beyond the politics of personality, will be between two philosophies. One says the way to progress is through national unity, never mind if it is a union between the good, the bad, and the ugly. The other believes that the only way to progress is through Daan Matuwid. Magpakatino muna tayo bago tayo ay magsama-sama sa ilalim ng isang partido because blending black and white only produces a drab gray.

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