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Dear Normal People, This is what the Internet is…

A website is an office or space in Web server. For many companies, and for many people it is a front door to the world. That Web server is a building in a city. The Cluster (which is a group of servers) is a city, and the Data Center, which is a group of clusters is your province or state, and a federation of which forms part of a country, i.e. one owned by AOL, Amazon, Rackspace, MediaTemple and others.

Faith and the #RHBill

The bill, like many laws of the land is complex. The issue is not simple. So its proponents have distilled it into the salient point: maternal health, and a matter of choice. It is on these points that it has gained much support.

Spokes in the Wheels of Justice

Spokes in the Wheels of Justice

Towards a Genuine Agenda for a Just Society As the world of the blogosphere, twitterverse and mainstream media soak up as much as it can from the Corona impeachment trial, delving into the subtle elements of the rules of court,...

The genius of Sotto

The Inquirer reported that anti-RH vanguard Sen. Vicente Sotto III confronted RH-Bill co-sponsor, Sen. Pia Cayetano, on the ties of the Family Planning Organization of the Philippines to foreign lobby groups.