Villar's 2 Billion Land Scam


1.The Petitioner here are farmers who have occupied and cultivated the land in question since 1960’s .  Some of them were descendants of Dumagats who occupied the land since time immemorial, as well as farmer-settlers who had been there since the Commonwealth.

2.They finally obtained title to the same under Original Certificate of Title (OCT) No. P-858/ Free Patent No. 257917 ( issued on April 27, 1964) issued by the Register of Deeds of Bulacan.

3.In March 7, 1987 a fire gutted the Registry of Deeds of Bulacan burning all copies of  OCT’s in their vault thus necessitating reconstitution proceedings..

4.Petitioners farmers represented by GINA S. JARVINA et al. and VALENTINO  AMADOR filed a petition for reconstitution of their title Original Certificate of Title (OCT) No. P-858/ Free Patent No. 257917   issued on April 27, 1964) before the Regional Trial Court of Malolos Bulacan Branch 16.

5.In the said petition for reconstitution the Banko Sentral Ng Pilipinas filed an intervention claiming that the parcels of land covered by the free patent OCT of the Petitioners form part of another Title TCT T- 48694 P(M) dated July 30, 2003 in the name of the Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas. In essence BSP was claiming that the land of the petitioner farmers was theirs.

6.BSP was able to obtain alleged title to the land thru an auction sale after extra judicial foreclosure of mortgage executed by Manila Brickworks Inc. to secure the loan obtained by Capitol Development Bank now Optimum Development Bank.

7.It was Cynthia Villar of Capitol Bank who executed the mortgage in favor of BSP.

8.Manila Brickworks and Capitol Bank have interlocking directors.

9.Manila Brickworks mortgaged 9 titles  TCT T-38651 P(M) to T-38659 P(M).

10.The said titles emanated allegedly from TCT T-1182 P(M) of the Registry of Deeds Of Bulacan under also the name of Manila Brickworks

11.TCT T- 1182 P(M) allegedly emanated from OCT No. 287 of the Registry of Deeds Bulacan allegedly dated 25 July 1944 pursuant to a sales patent.

12.It is alleged that OCT No 287 was issued under sales patent  which derives its existence from Sec.122 of Act 496 of the Land Registration Act of the US Government. However during July 1944 the country was under Japanese occupation and hence there was no valid title issued under the said Act and therefore the said OCT is clearly a FAKE and all titles arising from the said FAKE title are null and void.

13.Clearly Cynthia Villar used fake titles to secure her company’s loan and BSP obtained alleged title to the same using these fake titles.


The timeline are based on the dates from the point of view of the farmers the daTes of the titles of respondent are not put in sequence as they are dubious as far as they are concerned

1960’S –  Petitioner Farmers begin open continuous and obvious occupation of  Norzagaray Land in question.  Many of the farmers had forefathers who had been cultivating the land since the Commonwealth period,

April 27, 1964 – Petitioner Farmers obtained a mother title OCT P-858 Free Patent No. 257917 issued by the Register of Deeds of Bulacan.

March 7, 1987 – Fire guts Register of Deeds of Malolos, Bulacan.  Original copies of OCT and TCT’s there are burned thus all title holders are required to fie reconstitution proceedings.

April 1998-  Cynhia Villar as representative of Capitol Bank obtained a loan from Banko Sentral Ng Pilipinas mortgaging lands which cover the parcels of land owned by petitioners using 9 TCT’s under the name of Manila Brickworks. The mother title or OCT of the alleged TCT’s was alleged to be OCT  287 of the Registry of Deeds of Bulacan allegedly issued July 1944.

July 2003- After foreclosing the property mortgage due to Capitol Bank’s failure to pay the loan BSP was able to get title over the parcels of land  TCT No. T-48694 P(M)

2004 – Petitioners filed their reconstitution proceedings only at this point as they had no knowledge of the need for one. BSP intervened thereafter claiming title over the same.

September 2008 – petitioners filed a case against the Villars before the Ombudsman.  The complaint has not been acted upon.


The ProPinoy Project

  • Mel

    With his billions, he can afford to buy greedy congressmen and greedy Generals to stay in power longer than Ferdinand Marcos. True God, please don’t let this happen again to the Filipino people.

  • lonely heart

    kapag nanalo si villar…magigising na lang tayong mga pilipino na nakahiga sa gitna ng kalsada at lumalangoy sa ilog ng basura…kasi nakamkam na nila ang Pilipinas. ….huhuhu….

  • fm

    napaisip ako…. sa dami ng pera ni sen. ngayon bakit hindi pa nya inayos yang gusot na yan before… years na ang nakaraan…….diba parang alam naman natin years before rin nangangampanya na yan… ano paman… noynoy parin ako….. kandidato kasi akong nababalitaan nag iiwan ng thousand pesos sa mga politiko dito samin pag may meeting sila dto… kahit balibalita lang, malaki impact sakin….isa man boto ko,, win or los to…

  • nagbibilang

    lala ang HLI ay 1.1% lang kay Noynoy. Ang C% at lahat lahat yan ay 100% sa mag-sawang Villar! Walang ninakaw ang mga Cojuangco, their families rightfully bought the land under the law in the 1950s, the farmers even approved in NO LESS THAN THREE REFERANDA approving Stock Distribution Option in the 1980s. And now they are promising to give them to the farmers kahit karapat-dapat na sa mga Cojuangco iyon; inaayos lang nila ang mga utang. Sige, ibigay mo ngayon ang Hacienda Luisita sa mga magsasaka, tingnan natin kung gaano kalaking utang ang masasakop ng mga magsasaka. Mag-isip ka nga!!

    At ayon sa UN report, ang ARROYO ADMINISTRATION ang guilty sa massacre noong 2004. Get your facts straight lalalalalala

    • nonoy

      UN? tagalabas pa ang paniniwalaan natin? talaga bang sira na nga ang ulo ng karamihan ng mga pinoy?

      • Mel

        You’re right! Maraming sira ulong pinoy katulad mo. I’d rather believe the UN report than a report from our corrupt officials.

        • jeprox

          tama! e ang boboto pa lang kay villar, sira-ulo na e..

  • lala

    Ang bagsik! kumg silipin nyo ang HL parang ang linis ng pagkatao nyo,sa likod pala nito ang bilyon=bilyon na pinagpawisan at pinuhunan ng maralitang pilipino ay kinakamkam nu lang,..and to add insult to the injury,you still want to be the pres. of this country? ANG KAPAL MO!

  • Chin Chara

    That new campaign commercial takes the cake. He never even LEFT the business world! When one news company ran a story on the net worth trending of the presidentiables since they assumed public office, turns out that Villar was the richest among them, with billions in assets and moneys. When he was asked about it, he said ‘lahat yun legal, galing sa mga negosyo ko,’ The C5 scandal, the Savannah issue in Iloilo, and this land grabbing case – all verifiable in public documents – are emerging proof that he is not above corruption to ensure his own enrichment. And he is even proud of the fact that he is spending his own money in his campaign. And we want HIM to be president?! No way!

    • rom garcia

      hay, korek ka dyan. Isang malaking “check” kay Villar diyan! E kung tutuusin, lalo lang syang yumaman sa gobyerno, kaya bakit sya babalik sa pagiging negosyante?

      May crime ba na “lying to the public” ? Kasi guilty din si Villar doon sa baway libo-libong ad nyang lumalabas bawat araw. check!!

  • ayaw_kay_Villar

    Oh, how about the new campaign commercial, “Kung gusto kong yumaman, babalik na lang ako sa pagiging negosyante.”..

    Looks like he can both be a businessman and a PUBLIC SERVANT. Very contradicting…

  • Nitz Par

    Pag ninakaw, madaling gastusin. That’s why he spends left and right on advertising – billions at that. He is just like Erap. To all the Filipino voters “The only person we can trust right now is Noynoy !! Don’t make another mistake of voting otherwise. It will cost you another 6 years of hardships.” Hay, naku, Philippines. Magbago ka na !!!

    • nonoy

      noynoy? ano ba naman yan, yung luisita massacre, mendiola massacre, kamaganak, inc., kalimutan na lang ba?

      • jeprox

        ang luisita.. less than 2% ang pag-aari ni noynoy don.. villar properties.. 100% kay villar..

        pero, ndi ko boboto si noynoy.. gordon o gibo ang iboboto ko..

  • nagbibilang

    6.2B from C5, 2B from these poor farmers + the rest of the country’s budget if he becomes president. Ang dungis!