Liberals question NP-NPC coalition

Liberals question NP-NPC coalition
By Reynaldo Santos Jr., Newsbreak

MANILA, Philippines–The Liberal Party (LP) questions the validity of the coalition formed between the Nacionalista Party (NP) and Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) for the purposes of applying for accreditation as the dominant minority party in the May elections.

The LP has also filed a petition to be considered as the dominant minority party, a status that will entitle the party to a copy of the election returns (ERs) and a server that will receive data coming from election machines nationwide.

In an opposition letter filed on Tuesday, LP requested the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to deny the application filed by the NP-NPC coalition. It stated that the NP-NPC team-up is not a duly registered by the poll body, making it a “bogus coalition.”

The letter pointed out that the coalition was formed only on Jan. 28, 2010, or 6 months after the poll body’s deadline for registration of political parties. The deadline was on Aug. 17, 2009

“[The coalition] is obviously just an after-thought in order to bolster NP’s chances of procuring the dominant minority party status, very much aware that it is not qualified to be accredited as such,” the letter said.

LP also stressed that the coalition was made not in accordance with the Comelec Rules of Procedures in filing for accreditation as a political party.

The letter noted that the coalition, being a totally different entity from NP and NPC, does not have its own service track record, set of candidates, and chapters nationwide. The only merging it had is when NP presidential bet Manual Villar picked NPC’s Loren Legarda as runningmate.

“Being a different entity in itself, the supposed NP-NPC Coalition must, therefore, submit its own distinct claims and submissions as far as the petition for accreditation for the dominant minority party is concerned,” the LP said.

It said the NP and NPC failed to file the application for their coalition at the Comelec law department.

“NP-NPC Coalition, clearly, is attempting not only to pull the rug from under LP’s feet but to circumvent the law and make a mockery of our democracy. The out-of-order petition filed by this imaginary coalition scorns both the political party system and the electoral exercise, and sidelines the Filipino people’s rights,” the letter said.

The poll body will determine which is the minority party based on the number of candidates to be fielded in the May polls. Other criteria for obtaining the dominant minority status include having the most number of incumbent elective officials, having the longest public service record, and having sufficient strength to launch a nationwide campaign. (Newsbreak)

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