Pichay: Gibo is my candidate, not Villar

Pichay: Gibo is my candidate, not Villar

MANILA, Philippines – Lakas-Kampi stalwart Prospero Pichay on Wednesday denied reports that he is abandoning administration candidate Gilberto Teodoro Jr. for Nationalista Party’s Manuel Villar Jr.

“That’s not true,” he told Newsbreak when asked to comment on the reports.

In a statement e-mailed to reporters by Liberal Party (LP) president Manuel Roxas II, the LP said the real administration candidate should be revealed.

Quoting LP director general Chito Gascon, the statement said: “Rumors that [DILG secretary Ronaldo] Puno and Pichay are transferring to Villar’s camp only further confirm speculations that Villar is the real presidential pick of President Arroyo. Puno and Pichay are said to be on top of negotiations between the administration coalition Lakas-Kampi CMD and other political parties,” Gascon said in the statement.

Pichay laughed off the LP statement. “My comment is simple. I cannot recall appointing Mar Roxas as my spokesman. If he wants to apply, I might consider him. Baka nakuha nya ang chismis sa palengke,” Pichay said.

The LP statement said the party is expecting Villar to lose supporters. They cited the Pulse Asia Survey showing that 7 out of 10 voters will not vote for President Arroyo’s candidate.

“Villar is the real candidate of President Arroyo. That is why this Pulse Asia survey is really bad news for ‘Villaroyo’ rather than Gibo,” Gascon added.

A laughing Pichay said the survey means that Teodoro will win. “It means 30% of voters will vote for Gibo. Gibo will win because the other candidates will share the 70%,” he said.

He said it’s not true that Villar is the real candidate of President Arroyo.

“We also do not recall appointing the Liberal Party as spokesman of GMA,” he said. (Newsbreak)

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