Planas: Ninoy much better leader than Noynoy

Planas: Ninoy much better leader than Noynoy

MANILA, Philippines – Take it from someone who personally knew the late Sen. Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino Jr.

Deputy presidential spokesperson Charito Planas on Friday said the father of opposition presidential candidate Sen. Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino III was a much better leader and politician than his son.

In a press conference, Planas challenged the Liberal Party standard-bearer to try to make a name for himself, and not just rely on his parents’ legacy and good reputation for his presidential bid.

“It’s also good to look at one’s parents, but it shouldn’t be solely on that. It must be [based] purely on your capability, purely on your track record,” she said.

Planas, a former opposition leader and long-time ally of Ninoy, said Ninoy was “more articulate” and accomplished than Noynoy.

“Ninoy was articulate, may drama, hindi ako aantukin (I didn’t get bored listening to him). May mga batas din na naisagawa. Ang anak niya, may isa yata, ewan ko lang. (Ninoy got many bills passed into law; his son, one, I think, I’m not sure.),” the 79-year-old deputy presidential spokesperson said.

Aquino III’s track record as a 3-term congressman and nearly half-term senator has been questioned by his opponents, pointing out that he has had no major bill signed into law.

Planas also urged Aquino III to stop attacking the Arroyo administration, claiming that it’s easy to attack but hard to implement many of the reforms the country needs.

Aquino Jr. was assassinated on August 21, 1983 during the martial law regime of the late strongman Pres. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. after he arrived from exile in the US.

Last month, after she was named deputy spokesperson, Planas said President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was the most hardworking president since Commonwealth President Manuel Question. (Read: Planas: GMA most hardworking president since Quezon) — report from Ron Gagalac, ABS-CBN News

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