False press release from Hacienda Luisita says farmers will vote for Villar

This message was sent to Pro Pinoy by a freelance journalist who wishes not to be named as he continues to investigate the truth about Hacienda Luisita. ProPinoy is attempting to contact CATLU for their direct response. Abangan.

Ayoko na bok. Wish I never asked my parents to fund my journalism studies. Wish I never got into this vocation of lies. Seryoso. If you really want to know what’s going on in this country, you have to go out there. Go out there and get it yourself. Don’t believe what you read in the papers. Some people will print carabao dung for money.

Manila Bulletin. Business Mirror. Daily Tribune. People’s Journal. Bandera. Five different publications. One false press release. All these newspapers printed the same press release with a fake statement from the Central Azucacera de Tarlac Labor Union (CATLU). Five newspapers printed the lie that the Hacienda Luisita workers did not expect to get justice if Noynoy Aquino is elected. That’s why they’re voting for Villar instead. What a load of dung.

(see news coverage on this false press release: http://www.mb.com.ph/articles/245570/families-appeal-justice)

Whoever concocted this press release and paid for the newspapers to print it had absolutely no concern for the residents of Hacienda Luisita. They do not care at all that their propaganda will merely make it harder for people who live there to carry on in spite of the political turmoil that has ruined their livelihoods. Hindi man lang nila iniisip na mas lalong mahihirapang makahanap ng tunay na resolusyon sa mga problema sa Luisita dahil nilason na nila ang isip ng publiko sa usaping ito.

I went to Luisita last January to conduct interviews for an article, and was alarmed at how different the situation there was from what was being painted on the papers. I am sure that I’m not the only writer who has had a chance to go there, and talk to the residents. Howie Severino of GMA news clearly conducted interviews there seeing that he knows that “there are factions in the unions with varying loyalties.” Varying loyalties? Bakit ang nababasa lang sa mga dyaryo ay lahat ng tao sa Luisita ay galit kay Noynoy Aquino at pro-Villar? I swear, all you need to do is go to Luisita, and ask around, and you’ll find out that these news writers write fabrications.

After reading the papers today, I immediately called Alfredo Laurente, the CATLU president whom I interviewed last January. I asked him why their labor union suddenly decided that a dialogue with Noynoy Aquino would not lead to justice or genuine land reform. He said the story was not true:

“Wala po kaming kinalaman diyan. Sa totoo lang wala nga kaming balita dito tungkol sa statement na yan. Baka personal na opinyon yan ng isang tao. Hindi naman nila nirerepresent ang majority. Sana lang po ay kunin muna ang panig namin sa ganitong mga usapin dahil ang buhay namin ang apektado sa isyung ito. Kami rin po ang nakakaalam ng sitwasyon dito dahil kami ang nagtratrabaho at nakatira dito.

Hindi namin sinisisi sa mga Aquino ang mga gulong nangyari dito sa Hacienda. Kami naman po ay may konsensya rin. Kawawa naman kung madamay yung mga inosente. Kilala po namin ang mga Aquino. Mababait po sila at mahusay naman makitungo sa amin. Hindi naman sila nakikialam sa pamamalakad ng kumpanya. Sa katunayan marami nga pong mga taga-Central na sumusuporta kay Senator Noynoy. Simple lang naman e. Sino pa bang iboboto mo kung hindi yung ka-baryo mo?

Malayo rin sa saloobin namin ang sinasabi ng Kilusang Mambubukid ng Pilipinas. Hindi po sila ang kumakatawan sa amin. Paano mangyayari yun e agricultural sila at mga factory workers kami? Wala pong basehan ang kanilang mga sinasabi. Kung totoo sana mag-rereact kami.”

Five different publications. One fake press release. The politicos behind this new propaganda have been doing this for years, sabotaging our media for their selfish political purposes. But what really gets to me are the media men who allow these politicos to subvert our profession. the so-called journalists who have the gall to put their bylines next to a press release they did not even bother to rewrite. Tamaan na ang dapat tamaan. Kahit kaibigan kita, kung ginagawa mo ‘to… basta malabo ka bok. Malabo yang ginagawa mo.

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  • Wondering

    If this site is really impartial as it claims to be, then I dare you to post this article from GMA News…


    I have been hearing that this site is not ProPinoy but ProNoynoy. I dare you now, prove me wrong.

    • admin

      Thanks for your query, Wonderful

      Interestingly, we held a meeting just to discuss whether or not to publish that series. We decided:

      Until the “news article” you mentioned re-writes itself into an opinion piece, or even puts a disclaimer that it is an editorial or opinion piece, then we will not post it. Why? Three main reasons:

      1. The journalists in our team do not approve of the tone that this “news article” is taking (where is the other side of the story? why are the sentences written as if true and indisputable, without use of the journalism standards such as “allegedly” or “accused of” or “supposedly” or “critics say”? where are the interviews? why are the majority of facts left out of context?).

      2. The researchers in our team have read the book by James Putzel (“A Captive Land: The Politics of Agrarian Reform in the Philippines”), and has written an extensive exegesis of it in their line of work; they say the conclusions the author of the GMA news series are completely different from the conclusions of the author of the book.

      3. Our online communications guru (who, as a side note, is not too hot about this Noynoy) balked at the sight of the headlines and imagery: the layout was designed to train the reader’s eyes on the writer’s assumptions, and the mass of long text leaves only one impression: what is said in the headlines and images, which are of course the author’s biases. By all means OK for a blog post, commentary or opinion piece. But not as a “news article” or “news feature” on a news website.

      On Propinoy, we will only post articles that are published for what they are: News if they are news. Commentary if they are commentary. Opinion if they are opinion. User reports if they are user reports. Not commentary and opinion disguised as journalism. It is wolf in sheep’s clothing, and that is the very anti-Pinoy.

      The reason being, our readers can decide for themselves the merit and weight of what we publish on ProPinoy based on the source. Is it a writer they respect? Is it an authoritative news source? Do they distrust journalists and therefore trust the words of the “common tao”?

      Therefore, once a satisfactory clarification is made in the series, then we will happily post it.

      Please note we do not wish to engage in debate with our readers in this blog as it happens already so viciously elsewhere. Consume what you will from our blog, you may even wish to take whatever you read with a grain, a tablespoon or an entire bag of salt. Our purpose is but one: that the Filipino voter be fairly informed.

      Thank you.

      • MCMG

        It’s been a while since GMA came out with Howie Severino approved/Dychiu written series on the Hacienda Luisita….GMA and Severino have earned through years of hardwork a level of integrity and credibility such that what they broadcast becomes widely accepted…believed….I am sure that they are aware of this…and that because of this earned trust, their responsibility in broadcast journalism weighs many more times….
        Like many probable Noynoy supporters, I looked out for information that would clarify the issue on Hacienda Luisita…and the GMA report came like a big blow…Initially, that is..until I started questioning it myself as it really seemed not much different from arguments of those who aim to drag Aquino’s name down…
        To my great relief, my feelings were confirmed just recently when I came across your site and again by another freelance journalist’s square assessment/scrutiny of the GMA/Dychiu/Severino report…
        The GMA/Severino/Dychiu report is getting some terrific mileage on Facebook . This worries me and so I am in my own way trying to check/re-open others’ minds by posting Felicity’s assay and yours….

  • youngblood

    @Agent8 :galing mo!

  • youngblood

    NOYpi ako!
    NOYpi ako!

    vote for NOYNOY!

  • youngblood

    i am not for sale!
    i am not for sale!
    i am not for sale!
    i am not for sale!
    i am not for sale!

    i would not exchange my principles just for money!

  • youngblood

    @kgd_tdp: tama ka!hehehe..

  • youngblood

    may pagkatanga din nga mga nagungkat ng hacienda lucieta..ang tanong si noynoy ba ang may ari?at saka matagal na issue na yan,wala bang iba?ai,siguro focus na lang dyan dahil walang ibang maibabato kay noynoy.hehehe….

  • youngblood

    @jremulla: ah ok,aquinos supporters are not that arrogant.okey,sulat ka lang ng sulat.but to tell u,nakakahiya presidente mo lantaran na ang pamimili sa mga tao.shame on u dahil parang sinampal ka na okey lang sayo sabagay mga ulol at mukhang pera naman halos ang mga pinoy.

  • Agent8

    viperzack you’re painful to read. First, your grammar is horrible. Second, you have the penchant to denigrate other people here because you said they threw accusations without proof and yet you yourself would spit accusations without giving any proof aswell. Noynoy did NOTHING as a congressman of Tarlac!? Where’s your proof kid? Second, is it clear to you what are the RESPONSIBILITIES and MANDATE of a congressman?

    Humble Villar!? Wow, now that gave you away and yet you said you’re for Gordon. Lokohin mo lolo mong panot. So, how’s Villaroyo paying you? Easy money eh? I think I’ve seen you already in some other sites, albeit using different names. You are one relentless slave. Villaroyo camp must be very proud of you. Next stop for you should be to hit the grammar books. Improving your horrendous skills may help you appear a bit credible. Scram now! Balik ka muna sa amo mo na si Villaroyo at hingi ka ng pera na pambili libro!

  • ang tanong lang… mabuti ka bang tao? walang halong ng pagiimbot ang puso mo? kuntento ka ba na ishare ang wealth mo sa tamang pamamaraan. makadyos ka ba o nasabi lang na isang katoliko o kristiyano ka pero lahat imoral na bagay na madadaan sa legal ay sasangayunan mo? sino ba ang endorser mo? iyong madaming naging asawa at kabit pa at ang tingin sa kababaihan ay secondary citizen lamang. pagisipan mo kabayan ang pinuno mo na hayagang ginagamit ang kasikatan ng isang tao kahit na ang hayagang paniniwala nito ay nagpapababa sa mga kababaihan.

  • i would have given villar the benefit of the doubt, but when the gilbert or any remulla’s got involved in villar’s campaign, lumabo na walang singilan sa nagastos ang partidong ito. kilala sa Cavite ang mga remulla (revilla din). tanungin mo ang karamihan sa caviteno na talagang makabayan at mapglingkod na pulitiko. kilala ang mga remulla dahil pag lumapit ang sino mang mamamayan ay may pakabig na hingi. tagal na hawak ng mga remulla ang cavite noon at nakakagigil na nagpayaman talaga ang mga ito. sa panahon ni ayong maliksi lamang bumalik ang pagiging makabayan at tunay na serbisyo pampubliko. i had to mentioned the campaign manager or spokeperson ni villar na si gilbert dahil wla naman siyang kwentang caviteno. systematic politician sya and used the media to gain popularity but he would never be a true public servant. the remullas, the revillas are the politicians who will benefit the most if villar got elected. lahat ng property nila sa cavite ay nakikinabang at makikinabang pa sa mga proyecto ni villar. gising mga kababayan ko. mahalaga na ang mamuno sa atin ay iyong may integridad at mahal ang pagiging pilipino. at walang pinagkakautangan ng malaking utang na loob.

  • Nell

    Ayaw ko bomoto kay SPED. Di niya nga maayos problema sa kanilang Hacienda, eh, buong Pilipinas pa kaya.SPED kasi.

  • jremulla

    @youngblood: Why should we leave this site? We have a right to post anywhere. Your site is so lamez with all you Aquino fools. You don’t find our pr educative? Put your thinking hats on Aquino fools. There’s more to come and all you can do is rant about it. Manny Villar will be ourfirst rock star president. Noynoy is nothing but a pathetic bitch. Too bad his parents aren’t around anymore to do things for him anymore.

  • youngblood

    mga money villiar,umalis kau dito if gulo lang dulot nyo..may pa hacienda luisita pa kau na isyu.eh,panahon pa ng lolo ng lolo ng lolo ko…nagpapaloko kau kay money villiar…

    • kgd_tdp

      actually di sila nagpapagamit kay villar.. GINAGAMIT nila si villar upang magkapera.. kaya naman yung tao (villar)… tinira ung c5.. para may pangmudmud sa mga taong tulad nila! 😀

  • youngblood

    basta ako

    NOYpi ako!

  • justasking

    ok.. just asking 🙂 may mga ayaw mag comment kasi binoblock daw.. sabi ko comment sila sa blog if they have violent reactions.. ayaw maniwala ng “extremes” on this article.. thanks for the reply..

  • justasking

    binoblock daw ba ang mga extreme na anti-noy comments dito?

    • admin

      We only block spam or bots but don’t give us a reason to.

  • jayslim


    medyo tama ka dyan! hehehe

    but sometimes wasting ur time in a people like him/her will is also make ur day fruitfull…hahaha

    pag walang kontrabida…alang saya! hahaha



    • viperzack

      kaya.boring din kung wala ang katulad ko na aagainst sa inyo diba..e lahat kayo NOYNOY eh… E di Gordon Ako…

  • viperzack

    oist…hmmm..perhapz you are an avid fan of Aquino. Sorry to tell you but i cant give my full trust to that president of yours. Do you know why? Cause he does not have integrity and consistency. Early days of campaigning he said that he is “NO” in Taxes Hikes yet just yesterday i guess he is on it. A tempest situation came out that only a dog eats those are which being vomited. Besides, why are you so angry to hear that Luisita workers will vote Villar? For sure there are some who love these humble villar there.

    • pinoy

      why do you have to repeat yourself?

  • antiviper

    It seems that viperzack is pro Villar. You can see by the way he writes his arguments, totally devoid of class. Wag nyo na patulan yan si Zack. Waste of time yan.

    • Vol’Jin

      Trueness… even though the FACTS provided by credible media personnel show that viper’s dawg managed to twist the legal system in order to make himself rich.

      Maybe he’s hoping that money will make him rich in 6 years….

      • viperzack

        rich???!!!! what ??? hope you are not dumb not to see this dawg of mine so rich.He doesn’t need money. You are an elementary comedian dude…

  • I really think this writer is stating the fact…there are lots of people out there kase who’s fuming mad about the Hacienda Luisita issue without knowing first if what’s the real deal behind it.

  • Kung ang pagpi-pilian ay Villar o Noynoy, ang pipiliin ko ay si NOYNOY.

    Una, nakakatakot ang ginagawang hayagang pagta-tapon ng bilyun-bilyong pisong pera ni Villar para sa kanyang kampanya para sa pagka-pangulo, at pinanganga-tawanan na niya ito para masiguro ang kanyang panalo; sino ang maniniwala na inabuloy lang niya ang lahat ng perang ito dahil sa pagmamahal sa Inang Bayan. Siguradong pag siya ay naka-upo bilang pangulo, babawiin niya lahat ang perang ito, at balik na naman sa dating problema ng “graft and corruption” ang Bansang Pilipinas. Para sa akin, kaduda-duda rin ang C5 controversy involving Villar.

    Mas nakakasiguro akong hindi magnanakaw si Noynoy pag nakaupo siya sa pwesto bilang Pangulo ng Pilipinas. I urge the Filipino people to VOTE FOR NOYNOY AQUINO FOR PRESIDENT!

    • pred

      totoo yan. at the end of the day, silang 2 naman talaga ang maglalaban. and with Gordon and Enrile both confessing that Villar once tried to buy them to avoid the C5 controversy, I’m now sure that the Philippines will rot in hell if Villar wins

  • Direk Mark

    In my humble opinion, with no partisan politics involved, I tend to agree with this writer.

  • may

    taga-tarlac ako. ang alam ko ang myari ng luisita ay mga cojuangco, hndi ang mga aquino. ngkataon lng na si ninoy ay asawa ng isang cojuangco. kaya ngta2ka ako kung bakt pinuputukan nila ay si noynoy. anak lng sya ng isang cojuangco…. mas nani2wala ako sa writr na ito…

    • bets lapuz

      taga-tarlac din ako. hindi namin naiintindihan kung bakit kinaguguluhan ng mga taga-maynila ang luisita … wala naman silang kinalaman duon … umutot lang si satur hinigop naman nila… ehehehe… mga binayran lang ng mga kaaway ng cojuangco ang magiingay diyan … nagpapasya pa ako gibo ba o noynoy … pero walang kinalaman sa luisita kasi kasalanan naman ng mga alaga ni gloria ang masaker …

    • pred

      totoo yan mae. lagi na lang aquinos ang sinisisi nila eh mababaw pa sa 1% ang share nila sa hacienda. kaya hindi nila kayang magdesisyon para sa kabuuan ng hacienda.

    • Vol’Jin

      nagtataka din ako na ngayong kumandidato si noynoy ay biglang siya ngayon ang bida sa luisita. kung hindi ba naman politically motivated ang mga paninirang balitang ganito.

      salamat na nga lang kay ted failon, monzod at joker aroyo sa pag bunbunyag ng mga ma-anomalyang transaction ni money vil liar kahit malayo pa ang eleksyon


    • oo naman. mahirap umintindi ang walang pagintindi. viperzack,punta ka sa cavite, balwarte ng remulla pero maka noynoy and mar na. karamihan sa mga teachers and professionals doon ay makabayan na. bakit hindi mo magets na pag si noynoy and mar na welcome ka pa rin pero di pwedeng walangkwentang pambubuska. para kang si willie. amo mo si willie?

  • viperzack

    to the writer of this article, i guess the next thing that should consider to write and take heed of it is the rally inside the araneta…what is the truth about it…is it really a celebration for EDSA or about NOyNoy’s campaign??? why Noynoy’s party claims the people who attended to be their own if its indeed for EDSA commemoration??? Are they hopeless that is why the only thing they could do is look at their opponents flaws and claim people as theirs where in fact not??? hmmm..it must be a nice topic if you are not NOYNOY’s confidante pet…

    • mario d.

      anubayan offtopic ka naman masyado dyan friend! magkano bayad sayo parang manggulo? (pasabi naman kay vilalr for sale din ako hehehe)

      • viperzack

        sorry ha. Im for free. no cingle centavo can buy me. i just have my mind and it is still working. Hope yours are not having stain now. When you vote, vote with wise decision and not because you are just carried by your emotion. We need a leader that has a strong will and determination and not a puppet or EMO. Sory ERAP AKO!!!LOL..

    • pred

      it is a celebration of EDSA and a celebration of Noynoy’s candidacy. People were there to celebrate the democracy given to us by EDSA and to show support towards Noynoy.

      • viperzack

        and so they took advantage of that EDSA stuff just for their own benefit. Is that what you mean???

        • pred

          No. because people were not just there to celebrate EDSA but also Noynoy’s candidacy. It’s not like people were unaware that the celebration has something to do with his campaign.

    • jayslim


      Are u real? Sino iboboto mo? Cguro Villar ka no? I’m sure di ka Erap…hehehe

      • viperzack

        ERAP ako…LOL…

        • jayslim

          O sya…maghalo-halo ka na lang kaya para luminaw isipan mo…punta ka dito sa Ilocos libre kita…sana lang di ka Allien o multo o maligno o fying voter ha! LOL

          • viperzack

            LOL. Wala..wla lang akong magawa.LOL..rock n roll

        • noynoy/mar ako ,,,lol

  • viperzack

    and why mention the name Villar??? is it an indirect pointing of a finger to him that he is the culprit of this false publication??? tsk…im not a journalist yet i know what i’m saying…if i wanna be a journalist…i won’t babble…claims must have proofs…

    • dennis abela

      they mentioned villar because the press release mentioned villar. magbasa ka nga bago mag-ingay

      • viperzack

        oist…hmmm..perhapz you are an avid fan of Aquino. Sorry to tell you but i cant give my full trust to that president of yours. Do you know why? Cause he does not have integrity and consistency. Early days of campaigning he said that he is “NO” in Taxes Hikes yet just yesterday i guess he is on it. A tempest situation came out that only a dog eats those are which being vomited. Besides, why are you so angry to hear that Luisita workers will vote Villar? For sure there are some who love these humble villar there.

        • admin

          Do you have a link to this news article?

    • VMA

      You can’t be a writer even if your life depended on it! Alam mo hindi masamang mag-tagalog lalo na kung mas malinaw mong masabi ang saloobin mo. Leave English to those who think in English.

      Sorry ha, OC lang talaga ako sa language….

      • viperzack

        Sorry too. I’m not referring to the usage of language. I’m talking about the message of this article.

  • viperzack

    shakz!!! i dont hold any names in the politics…who is the writer of this article??? Coward!!! i guess you are not blind not to see the television…it is not just in the news paper…people in the televisions are not fake who were rallying in the hacienda owned by the aquino…common …let us face the truth..hope that the writer of this article will not be a victim of what he said “print carabao dung for money”…

    • pinoy

      go to hacienda luisita and check if Alfredo Laurente is a real person. If you can disprove this, then you can go on yaking. But if Alfredo Laurente is a real person and actually said what he said, then keep your mouth shut. He presented a “fact” then go check his fact and not just calling the writer a coward. you put forward a counter claim not just what you heard from the news/television.

    • dennis abela

      dude totoo nga ata. tinawagan daw ng blog na to si alfredo laurente. http://propinoy.net/2010/03/01/central-azucarera-de-tarlacs-statement-regarding-villars-press-release/
      naniniwala ako sa blog na ito. mukang wala naman silang openly favored president kasi pati si noynoy nagpopost din sila ng masama.

      • sai

        i agree!

        ang pinuputukan nito hinde lang ang mga politicians who paid but also sa mga journalist n nagpapabayad…ng papabayad…ng pagpapabayad!tsktsk

  • sus

    isa kang tuta ni noynoy!

    • viperzack

      yapz..i guess he is…pathetic…

    • mario d.

      eh ikaw, kanino kang tuta? ahahaha
      kung mag-aaway ka magbigay ka naman ng pwedeng pag-usapan o, para naman tumalino naman tayo ng konti dito, hindi maging bobo.
      undecided pa ako, pero siguradong anti-villar ako.
      pano kang bobotong villar sa lahat ng karumaldumal na ginagawa niya? ang boboto sa kanya ay walang konsensya.

      • viperzack

        Dude!! You know what lots of politicians did nothing for our country.When noynoy elected as a congressman on his district, he did nothing. Now Villar did a project and it was successfully done, you will hastily judge him without any proofs. The only thing i know is Noynoy’s Party is getting afraid of thier damnation that is why the only thing they could do is look and find any holes of their opponent. ” Walang Bahid daw sya” of course, how could a lame politician be accused of something knowing that he did nothing. What a SHAME!!!

        • magkano ang bayad sa iyo? never mind answering. idedeny mo rin. tulad ng amo mo. pera lang ang katapat mo. kawawa ang lahi mo, walang integridad. marunong lang mabuska. saan ka nagaral o sino mga magulang mo.. di ka naturuan ng tamang asal. hindi pangmahirap ang asal mo. pangimpeyerno. BAGAY NGA NA KASAMO SILA. walang konsiyensya.

        • like what you said aquino own the hacienda originally so what’s the problem naging masinop ang angkan nila kaya sila meron niyan yong mga nagwowork naman sa bukid trhat is there choice.life’s a choice.

    • yellowribbon

      sus, how much is Villar paying you :p