KBL to conduct meeting to discuss 'unpresidential' conduct of Acosta

KBL to conduct meeting to discuss ‘unpresidential’ conduct of Acosta
By Perseus Echeminada
The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines – The chairman of the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (KBL) has called for an emergency meeting among top party officials to deal with the “unpresidential” conduct of Vetellano Acosta, which has humiliated the once powerful political party.

“ The party will discuss the possible withdrawal of nomination,” lawyer Vicente Millora, KBL chairman, told The STAR.

Millora issued the statement after Mike Enriquez interviewed Acosta over radio station dzBB but the latter was unable to explain his platform of government.

During the interview, Acosta could not even discuss simple topics such as the Visiting Forces Agreement and Charter change, and even said that the Philippines is a colony of the United States.

Millora said it appears that Acosta is not serious and the party is considering shifting its support to another presidential candidate.

KBL vice presidential candidate Jay Sonza said their presidential candidate has failed to surface and coordinate with the party or appear before media.

“I don’t know where he is right now. I don’t even get a text message from him,” Sonza said when asked about Acosta’s whereabouts.

He said it appears that Acosta has taken party officials for a ride by presenting himself as a seasoned international business consultant.

Jukebox queen Imelda Papin, KBL’s senatorial bet, said she cannot support or endorse someone whom she thinks is not serious in his bid and in carrying out KBL’s advocacies, which are mainly anchored in a pro-poor platform.

Acosta was one of the last presidential candidates, along with independent candidate Nicanor Perlas, to be accredited by the Commission on Elections.

Since his filing of candidacy, Acosta has only been seen once on a television interview and has contacted his party mates only twice.

“I personally would not support him because I don’t know the guy and I don’t really think that anyone would vote for a candidate who has not even laid his political platform to the public. That is why right now, we are looking for a presidential candidate to support,” Sonza said.

“This presidentiable should be one who can uphold our mission and our vision and someone who delivers. A winnable candidate, not necessarily in surveys that are often commissioned, but winnable for the reason that he or she is the kind of president that the voters of today are looking for to lead this country in the next six years. Who that candidate is, we will be announcing it soon,” he added.

Sonza said the candidate his party chooses to support would surely be blessed with a huge number of votes, enough to win the presidency.

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