Watchdog laments absence of concrete Comelec response to automation concerns

Watchdog laments absence of concrete Comelec response to automation concerns
Kontra Daya

The anti-fraud campaign group Kontra Daya notes with dismay and apprehension that almost two weeks after submitting a letter of concern to the Commission on Elections (Comelec) and a week after holding a dialogue with Commissioner Gregorio Larrazabal, it has yet to receive any concrete response to the concerns it raised and the recommendations it put forward in relation to the automated elections.

“We would like to remind the Comelec of its responsibility to update us on whatever measures it has taken to address the concerns we raised and the recommendations we put forward,” said Fr. Joe Dizon, Kontra Daya convener.

In its Feb. 17 letter of concern submitted to Comelec Chairman Jose A. Melo, Kontra Daya tackled the following issues, to wit:

* the necessity of an update on the testing of the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines, which Kontra Daya believes is crucial for the machines to function effectively on election day;

* the clear guidelines covering rejection of ballots after this was observed in several mock elections and filed tests;

* the time-consuming character of the automated election procedures, which would likely lead to the massive disenfranchisement of voters; and

* the need to conduct another round of mock elections, this time with the necessary guidelines on rejected ballots in place, and utilizing a broad range of participants and more precincts.

These same concerns were brought before Commissioner Larrazabal in Kontra Daya’s dialogue with him on Feb. 23.

“In spite of the fact that the distribution of PCOS machines has been completed, there is still no assurance that the automated elections will proceed in order,” Dizon said. “The rejection of ballots and problems in the transmission of results remain common occurrences in subsequent mock elections and field tests that we were able to observe.”

“Also, the National Printing Office (NPO) is still behind schedule in its printing of ballots,” Dizon added.

Dizon expressed hope that the Comelec would give serious consideration to Kontra Daya’s concerns and recommendations

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  • edith sison

    i am trying to reach to as many Pinoys out there. I browsed which appears to be pro Noynoy vote. To be honest, i hope to vote for Gibo or Erap. Gibo who appears to have it and heart to lead our country. Erap sana for his unfinished chance to lead us. I voted for him the last time.

    anyways, my vote should not affect anyone’s choice. Our votes are sacred to each of us. For this reason, i hope that i can reach to many Filipinos to respect to whatever happens in the May 2010 elections. If Villar wins, so be it. If Noynoy win, so be it. If Erap win, so be it. If Gibo wins, so be it. If Gordon wins, so be it. And so on and so forth.

    I have a personal hope though that we choose a leader for his heart and talent , for his choices of people around him , for his strength of character that he is able to discern and not be influenced by selfish motives of his advisers, and also his stand on land reform and agriculture.

    1. heart and talent – Gibo seems to have it. Erap has the experience and the heart for the masses and seems to represent true kindness and forgiveness. (no grudge even he suffered in jail)
    Gordon appears to be level headed even after considering his tendency for dramatics. Noynoy of course for his Cory magic. I hope he does not use his Ninoy attachment too much. Ninoy is just like other politicians – all talk talk talk. we need movers here in our country. Villar is a shrewd businessman – has attention for details and not necessarily has bad intentions. remember shrewd means being meticulous.

    2. his choices of people around him – the next little president is the deciding factor here. GMA has Ermita. Cory had Joker Arroyo. So who will it be this time.
    Erap has his UP advisers which is really good. Villar has Remulla and the Laurels who are considerably good politicians. But he also has a soft alliance with GMA, Willie Revillame ( representing the materialistic and fatalistic tendency of our society) and maybe even Chavit Singson.

    Gibo announced in his Star paper interview that Chavit is one of his economic advisers. Well that is a minus factor for him. If Gretchen Conjuanco says, Anybody but Gibo. I should say , Anybody but who has connections with Chavit Singson. The man (Chavit) epitomizes the corrupt and rotten and stubborn politician – all goons and gold.

    Thank God, Erap parted with Chavit. It is a blessing in disguise.
    How about Gordon, the Amboy ? Could we be in better hands if we allow the Americans to guide us a little more this again. Look at South Korea, Taiwan and even Japan. These countries have been able to raise their heads up high because of their economic boom. They have maintained their character as a nation and not subservient to the Americans. It is a peaceful coexistence. I hope the Philippines is not so dramatic in dealing with the Americans. We must try to follow the approach of the 3 countries.

    3. Strength of Character – Gibo is showing his best that he is independent minded by breaking away from a beloved Uncle. So I hope the Chavit connection does not matter to a Gibo presidency.

    Erap appears to be weakest in terms of this . He has a very kind and good heart even to the evil ones. He is most understanding. He needs to be more iron handed when he is given a Tadhana chance this time. I hope this nation can be great again under Erap without the Chavits and other oligarchs. Erap should continue just to be his best administrative self – build roads, maintain government buildings and reach out programs to alleviate the poor.

    Gordon though small in height , can lead us also. His American background means he is level headed and can mean business is business. That means more roads, well maintained infrastructures including public school toilets and other structures.

    Villar is a real estate man. UP College of Business graduate just like me. He has the competency to lead us. He definitely can build more roads and major infrastructures. But there is some doubt to his character. Will Villar use the presidency to save his business empire which as claimed by Winnie Monsod is on the brink of bankruptcy. So the impressive campaign funds is nakakatakot – come payback time di ba?

    4. Land reform and agriculture – I hope that the next president loves agriculture and not buildings. He should lead us to self sufficiency in agriculture. We should stop to import rice from Vietnam and be able to feed our country. Korea is self sufficient inspite of being developed. Even Taiwan despite its pint size is self sufficient in food.

    How do we do it? Land reform should be scrapped. True Land Reform is giving lands to those who want to plant – whoever they are rich or poor , landlord or farmer basta gusto magtanim. Agricultural lands should be declared as such and be limited to farming for at least the nest 50 years. Then maybe before the 50 years wears out, we should have an urban planning project to support the transistion and change to a new rationalized agricultural land mapping.

    I know I am too idealistic. There is no perfect man for the next Presidency. Kaya nga I am bracing myself for the outcome. I hope Gibo or Erap wins. Gibo with his GMA political trail and Erap with his infamous plunder record (was he proven guilty or just pardoned)

    PS to # 4 factor, pls next president , give back to the Coco farmers what is due them. My father is a beneficiary of this Coco levey fund but he is now 77 yrs old pero wala pa rin. I do not hope to get the mana if ever, I pray my father enjoys some of it before he goes. So pls Gibo and family, pls convince Mr ECJ to dole out kahit P10,000 for each Coco farmer now na. You (Mr Gibo, ECj ) and your family will surely be blessed. And no more Rio Diaz (cancer) to come to you. This could be final settlement basta may disposition na and the beneficiaries are still alive to enjoy them. It’s not too late, Sir.

    Anyway, lastly, I do hope that next President is fit to lead us, Pls don’t smoke and pls don’t drink just like most Filipinos. Pls lead us in a sober state or better in your best fresh self. The vices have pulled Erap to defeat di ba? But I hope if he win this time, he has learned his lesson and will no longer entertain midnight mahjong dealings. Gibo takes norvasc just like me. I hope when you win, you remain cool and contented. And that you be able to reach out to the masses and rib us all of your discipline and talented mind so we can help each other in lifting our country from its feet.

    And pls no more EDSA, the Ayala business community should be jailed for the intervention this time it happens and maybe include Winnie Monsod and their like too if they pull an EDSA again.

    Remember the ads are misleading. So when the wannabe visits your place, Let us ask him direct questions. Ok buddy!

    Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

    P.S. pls email me if the comment has reached your space
    thanks a lot