'Euro general' now seeks party-list seat

‘Euro general’ now seeks party-list seat

MANILA,Philippines – After being involved in the so-called “euro generals” scandal, retired police comptroller Eliseo dela Paz is now seeking a congressional seat for party-list group Angat Ating Kabuhayan (ANAK).

In an interview on ANC’s “Headstart”, dela Paz said he is seeking public office for his son who is visually impaired and other Filipinos with disabilities.

The retired police official said people who are disabled are marginalized due to lack of awareness of the special requirements needed by disabled people. He said some parents of disabled children hide their sons and daughters and do not enroll them in schools.

“We only have about less than 200,000 disabled in school but the international trends of the disabled is about 10% of the total population. If we have 90 million people in the Philippines, 10% is about 9 million people,” he said.

Just days before his retirement in 2008, dela Paz was held briefly at a Moscow airport for failing to declare 105,000 euros (roughly P6.9 million) after an Interpol assembly.

Dela Paz said the money was the contingency fund of the 12-member Philippine National Police delegation to Moscow. He added that he later returned the money to the PNP.

Asked why he should be elected to Congress after the controversy, dela Paz said: “I did my job as a police officer to the best of my ability andI will leave it up to the electorate to judge [if I should be elected].”

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