Ex-minister Estrella can doom Noynoy’s Palace bid – Remulla

Ex-minister Estrella can doom Noynoy’s Palace bid–Remulla
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LIBERAL Party (LP) presidential bet Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III can kiss his presidential bid good-bye once former agrarian-reform minister Conrado Estrella Sr. tells all that he knows about the “blood-soaked history” of Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac.

Nacionalista Party Rep. Crispin “Boying” Remulla of Cavite issued this statement on Tuesday in reaction to comments made by Estrella over the weekend that he is willing to testify on the Hacienda Luisita controversy involving Aquino’s family if invited by Congress to a public hearing.

“Minister Estrella can certainly deal Noynoy what I’d call a presidential candidacy-killer. Thus, I do not expect Noynoy or anyone from his camp daring Mister Estrella to spill the beans or to unearth the ‘skeletons’ buried at Luisita,” said Remulla.

“By skeletons, I am, of course, speaking figuratively, although a number of farmers have already been killed over the issue. But who knows what other can of worms might just be opened should Congress initiate an honest-to-goodness, no-holds-barred investigation on Luisita?” he stressed.

Remulla pointed out that Estrella may know a lot about how the family of Aquino, especially the Cojuangcos, willfully violated the terms of their acquisition of Hacienda Luisita to escape distributing the same to farmers.

“Let us not forget that it was Minister Estrella who first asked Aquino’s family in 1967 to honor the terms of their P5.9 million loan from the GSIS [Government Service Insurance System] which allowed them to purchase Luisita, along with Central Azucarera de Tarlac.”

“Forty-five years ago, Mr. Estrella had already been asking why Aquino’s family had kept Luisita for themselves when they had promised in 1957 to distribute the land to farmers 10 years down the road,” Remulla pointed out.

As a stalwart of the Nacionalista Party (NP), Estrella said any statement he would give on Luisita would only be brushed aside as “politically motivated” by Aquino and the LP.

(B. Fernandez, F. Marasigan, R. Acosta and J. Perez)

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  • newsfactfinder

    ALL i CANSAY IS – d ba during sa term ni Cory Aquino ang comporehensive land reform or CARP? E baket na exempt ang Hacienda Luisita – hindi naman fair yn. Abuse of power yata yan

  • kay

    I have to agree with admin. I’m just getting confused with the Luisita issue now because of conflicting reports. Pero bakit ba tayo nakikialam? My friends in Tarlac don’t even hold the Cojuangcos resposible for anything that happened at Luisita. Sabi nila gulo lang daw yan ng mga uto-uto sa Maynila na nakiking sa press release ni Satur Ocampo.

    • maczoombie

      You are confused because you did not digested what you have read. bakit tayo makikialam? diba’t tumatakbo ang aquino sa pagka presidente at ang slogan nya ay about corruption? hindi ba corruption na matatwag yung nagpasa ka ng batas ng ikaw mismo ang beneficiary?
      Uto uto sa manila? bakit? taga manila ba ang namassacre? diba mga taga tarlac yun sila? You did not kno what you are talking about.

  • The Full Truth: Noynoy and Hacienda Luisita (Must-Read)

    A summary of well-researched articles published on GMANews.TV.

    Noynoy’s well-documented involvement in Luisita:

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    Noynoy spreads lies about the massacre.

    2. Noynoy’s Escorts Tagged in Shooting of Luisita Farm Workers
    Witness calls them “mga bata ni Noynoy Aquino,” “mga private army ni Congressman,” and “parang security guard, parang bodyguard.”

    3. Noynoy’s “Superhighway”
    5 years before Noynoy’s presidential campaign, a witness testifies that Noynoy told Luisita farmers to say yes to his SCTEx Luisita road project.

    4. SCTEx Investigation
    Government overpaid P247 million for Noynoy’s project.

    5. Hello Garci and Luisita
    Hello Garci comes out while Gloria’s Task Force Luisita is investigating the case.

    6. Cory and Noynoy Praise and Defend Gloria
    Even after Gloria’s “I am sorry” speech.

    7. Noynoy Votes Against Playing Garci Tapes

    8. Cory and Noynoy Drop Gloria Abruptly
    Just 8 days after Noynoy protected Gloria. The same month Task Force Luisita submitted the findings and recommendations of its investigation, which led to the government’s decision to order the distribution of the hacienda.

    9. Still No Justice for Massacre and Murder Victims

    10. Still No Land Distribution
    Jose Cojuangco Sr., Cory’s father, received large loans to buy the hacienda, on the condition that it would be DISTRIBUTED TO THE FARMERS BY 1967. Now, 43 years later, the land has still not been distributed. There has never been any valid reason why this was not done and many people have been killed for demanding justice.

    Read the full story at: http://truthsayer.tumblr.com/

    Please share this with your family and friends by email, Facebook, Twitter, Multiply, Friendster etc. Feel free to copy and paste.

    • admin

      It’s an opinion-piece disguised as news. As we have replied earlier to another question, we said:

      1)The journalists in our team do not approve of the tone that this “news article” is taking (where is the other side of the story? why are the sentences written as if true and indisputable, without use of the journalism standards such as “allegedly” or “accused of” or “supposedly” or “critics say”? where are the interviews? why are the majority of facts left out of context?).

      2. The researchers in our team have read the book by James Putzel (“A Captive Land: The Politics of Agrarian Reform in the Philippines”), and has written an extensive exegesis of it in their line of work; they say the conclusions the author of the GMA news series are completely different from the conclusions of the author of the book.

      3. Our online communications guru (who, as a side note, is not too hot about this Noynoy) balked at the sight of the headlines and imagery: the layout was designed to train the reader’s eyes on the writer’s assumptions, and the mass of long text leaves only one impression: what is said in the headlines and images, which are of course the author’s biases. By all means OK for a blog post, commentary or opinion piece. But not as a “news article” or “news feature” on a news website.

      On Propinoy, we will only post articles that are published for what they are: News if they are news. Commentary if they are commentary. Opinion if they are opinion. User reports if they are user reports. Not commentary and opinion disguised as journalism. It is wolf in sheep’s clothing, and that is the very anti-Pinoy.

      The reason being, our readers can decide for themselves the merit and weight of what we publish on ProPinoy based on the source. Is it a writer they respect? Is it an authoritative news source? Do they distrust journalists and therefore trust the words of the “common tao”?

      Therefore, once a satisfactory clarification is made in the series, then we will happily post it.

      Please note we do not wish to engage in debate with our readers in this blog as it happens already so viciously elsewhere. Consume what you will from our blog, you may even wish to take whatever you read with a grain, a tablespoon or an entire bag of salt. Our purpose is but one: that the Filipino voter be fairly informed.

      Thank you.

      • maczoombie

        the problem is all political news are considered an opinion of the news writer.

        • admin

          That may be true for some cases but that Luisita series didn’t even try to appear impartial.

          • maczoombie

            In my opinion it was written the way PCIJ write it’s news and yet PCIJ was considered the truth. So far, that article in GMA news gaive me a deep understanding on what really happened on HL. Short, concise and direct to the point, though I have some reservation. Could it be true that impartiality lies on the eyes of the reader rather than the news writer? After all, we all know that news are not really perfect or say not 100% true. Even TV patrol of ABS-CBN news are full of newscaster own analysis.

          • admin

            Straight news is different from commentaries. Anyway, it is up to the readers to decide on the veracity of the HL series. The Pro Pinoy team has given our stand and the articles are just a click away. Thanks.

          • maczoombie

            exactly my point, the readers are the final executory. Thanks!

    • butas

      well-researched or well-paid?
      dychiu is not even an investigative journalist, she’s a features writer. there’s a gaping hole in her “journalistic investigation”.
      She seems only to have interviewed the “against.” Where’s the “neutral” and the “pro”?
      there are always multiple sides of a story. i want to hear it. can someone please do a proper investigation???

      • maczoombie

        didn’t it proved by the presented certificates? and if this news or article is biased why then the aquinos did not cry foul or lebel?

  • benj

    who is crispin remulla? ano ba political record ng mga remulla? ano ba kre dibilidad nya? mgaTRAPO ang mga yan who wants to regain political power in cavite. don’t listen to him na lang aand please dont vote for them too

  • Aiwac57

    Bakit di sagutin ni Mahirap na Villar ang akusasyon sa kanya regarding sa C5. si Noynoy is just a benificiary ng binabanggit ni Remulla. unlike Villar na sya ang gumagawa ng issue. Siguro nman alam nyo na ang logic nyan kung kanino ka magtitiwala.

  • Weng

    I don’t believe Mr. Remulla’s accusations. It is childish, desperate, cheap attempt to taint Noynoy’s image…sorry po Mr Remulla, marami nang intelligent voters ngayon, Pinoys can’t be fooled..aware na po kami noh! By the way, mga kababayan mo nga nagsasabi dami rin pala issues pamilya mo..linisin mo muna bago ka magpuna ng mali ng iba.

    • maczoombie

      wala namang malinis na tao sa politika. hayanan mo lang silang magbuga ng magbuga para nalalaman natin ang mga baho nila.

      sabi nga to see is to believe, pero kung may usok asahan mo at may apoy.

  • bets lapuz

    Tanong ko lang… bakit hintay pa ang congreso eh hindi pa naman sila magkikita until AFTER the election?
    If this evidence is so damning, they should just go to the media and reveal it!
    They’re just throwing the public a bone para more cloud of doubt and confusion about Luisita. But until Estrella comes out, that’s all it is — a dry useless bone that doesn’t have any meat in it.
    Remulla, do the public a favor and stop clouding everything in doubt and confusion. GLORIA NAMAN ANG STYLE MO DOC!
    Tuta ni Villarroyo nagtatapon ng buto…

    • ernie

      No one will believe the allegations of the Remullas,they have no credibility. How did they acquire all their wealth?it’s mostly ill-gotten and through corruption. The Remullas used to be staunch supporters of Erap,but they abandoned Erap and jumped to Villar’s camp. I wonder how much Villar paid them to turn their backs on Erap.

    • maczoombie

      there is no more evidence. the pasing of the CARP as a law means the illusion has been made to a law. Didn’t you get it? The CARP law made the action legal. napaglalangan na ang mga farmers. Ang pinaguusapan na lang dito ay how does it happened, more on moral ground na lang.
      Iisa lang ang tunay na proof, kung talagang susundin ang contract sa unang pirmahan ang lupa ng HL ay matagal na dapa naipamudmod sa mga farmers. Up to now pag-aari pa din ng aquino at ginawan pa ng batas (CARP) para tuluyan ng di nila maipamigay.

  • Proud Caviteno

    The Remullas have been and always will be pro-Marcos cronies. Crispin should worry about making Cavite a better place to live in, something that his family has failed miserably at. As for Crispin’s allegations, his information comes from another source (Estrella), which makes all this here-say – hardly admissible in court. I just wish this damn Remulla political dynasty ends!

  • Kabitenyo ako!

    iam from Cavite and the Remullas are the big-time politicos there; almost as if sa kanila na ang Cavite! bakit nila ginaganyan ang pamilya Aquino/Cojuangco, eh pano kung sila kaya ang balikan ng mga kapwa nila Kabitenyo?!?!? tignan muna nila ang sarili nila bago sila manira ng iba!

    • maczoombie

      ayaw mo niyan? lumalabas ang baho ng bawat isa? hayaan mo alng silang mag salitaan para malaman ng bayan. The fact is no one in the clan tried to disclaim the story.

  • ernie

    How can people believe the lies being peddled by Villar’s attack dogs,the Remulla brothers.The Remullas have zero credibility and their father is the No.1 crook in Cavite.

    • maczoombie

      it does not matter who said so, as long the evidence point to the direction the story is credible

  • neil gabion

    i won’t say that i don’t believe, but yes, it might be politically-motivated because of the timing. why don’t we ever learned? why do we have to throw garbage after garbage to someone just to get what we want? Mr. Remulla says that IF “Congress initiates an honest-to-goodness, no-holds-barred investigation on Luisita..”, sir, WHEN WAS THERE AN HONEST TO GOODNESS, NO HOLDS BARRED INVESTIGATION EVER HELD in CONGRESS!? was there really a time it happened? come on, WE ARE NOT STUPID! so don’t EVEN THINK that we are!

  • Mrs. Jones

    It’s Noynoy’s Family, not Noynoy, alone, who may or may not be hiding the skeletons Mr. Remulla, whose family by the way was involved in numerous counts of land grabbing controversies, was referring to.

    • maczoombie

      but noynoy has directly and indiretly a beneficiary

  • mon viardo

    I don’t believe the Remullas. Ex-minister Estrella was a Marcos boy. If ever the allegation is true [ P5.9 million loan from the GSIS] was it not during the Marcos regime? How come it is still owned by the Cojuancos? Marcos could have sequestered Hacienda Luisita in favor of the government like what he did to ABS CBN considering Ninoy Aquino was an opposition. Only fools will buy this story. Or maybe Crispin Remulla is just joking, like he paint Manny V white when in fact it is Black. Now. he is painting Noynoy black when he is yellow, the moder n color of courage. Crispin Remulla is courageous too, to tell and peddle lies for manny V Please Crispin, pity our people, enough of the sufferings.

    • maczoombie

      did it come to your mind that those 5.9million could have been paid already?
      the paper trail will not lie.