Edu says Lakas can still pull a surprise

Edu says Lakas can still pull a surprise
RG Cruz

MANILA, Philippines – Lakas-Kampi-CMD vice presidential candidate Edu Manzano has broken his silence over reports he is quitting the election.

Manzano told ABS-CBN News he is not withdrawing from the election. He is continuing his campaign despite problems with funding.

”I deny yung mga naglalabasan na speculation, haka haka ako’y nagwiwithdraw. I have never said…I have never discussed withdrawing from the vice-presidential race,” he said.

Manzano admitted that funding support has been lacking, and acknowledged the absence of television advertisements and insufficient campaign paraphernalia.

However, he asserted that all candidates suffer from funding problems as well.

He stressed that unlike a mid-term election, where a sitting administration is in place, it’s harder to get funding for a presidential campaign.

He revealed he doesn’t even have time to do campaign fund-raising dinners since he has to travel out of town for days to physically campaign and meet voters.

”Yung iba, may problema din. Lahat ng partido, may funding problm. Iba sa mid-term [electioni], may presidente ka, mas madali kumuha suporta. Labo labo ngayon,” he said.

Manzano added he is not worried about the lack of campaign materials, noting his awareness rating is rather high.

Manzano also denied any plans of bolting the ruling Lakas-Kampi party.

Manzano revealed that their funding problems now show that the administration party isn’t awash with cash, and that the president has already taken a backstep on party matters.

Yet, he doesn’t consider this a position of weakness.

Manzano also said that he has never spoken to the President on party matters, but only to Gilberto Teodoro and Interior and Local Government Secretary Ronaldo Puno.

Manzano said he trusts both men, and at the start of the campaign, he agreed with them that he will not hold on to any campaign kitty but will instead come up with a list of requirements for his campaign which the party will match.

Manzano also admitted that he knows he was drafted for his popularity, but he also knows he was chosen for his local government experience.

He doesn’t mind being a replacement to Vice President Noli de Castro, who was Teodoro’s first choice to be his running mate.

Manzano told his rivals that he and Teodoro may still pull some surprises during the election, noting that reception for them has been very warm.

Manzano said his campaign materials are sent directly to the local government units who are expected to work overtime for the administration tandem at the start of the local campaigns.

Manzano is unfazed by latest survey results of Pulse Asia showing him at the bottom of the heap.

He noted that in previous elections, some of the cellar dwellers have emerged winners.

“Put it this way: matagal nakong di naniniwala sa survey. Nun ako nga sa Makati, di ako umaabot [sa surveys] pero ako nanalo. Importante diyan, ipagpatuloy mo. Ano ba nangyari kay FVR [Fidel V. Ramos in 1992]? He was 4, [Ramon] Mitra was 34. Nanalo si FVR. Nung 2004, FPJ [Fernando Poe Jr.] was 44, 8 lang si PGMA pero nanalo pa rin siya,” he said.

Manzano had just returned from Hong Kong where he met with Pastor Apollo Quiboloy and the Filipino community there.

Manzano refused to say if he already has Quiboloy’s support.

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