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March 12, 2010
Makati City, Philippines

Prof. Alfredo Sureta, executive director of StratPOLLS today took to task the campaign staff of Lakas-Kampi presidential bet Gilberto Teodoro for causing the publication of a story that made it appear that the polling firm is leaning in favor of a candidate.

“The representative sent to my Makati office by Mike Toledo, chief of staff of candidate Teodoro, quoted my humble self largely out of context,” Sureta said.

“I deny having noted Tedoro’s growing conversion across all sectors when the truth is that he remains almost stationary and is behind the frontrunners in all sectors, meaning the age brackets, socio-eco and the major language groups,

“The latest StratPOLLS survey clearly shows that the youth votes are being contested by LP candidate Noynoy Aquino and NP candidate Manny Villar who earned 38% and 32% respectively while Teodoro earned 11% even behind former Pres. Joseph Estrada’s 13% in this sector.

“To cite another example, in the socio-eco class particularly the Class E sector, which is the “masa” sector, Teodoro earned 9% which is far behind frontrunner Aquino’s 40%.

“Among language groups, while Villar commands the so-called “Solid North” or Ilocano-speaking provinces with 32%, Teodoro earned only 6% despite being the only Ilocano-speaking candidate.

“I also make corrections to the statement attributed to me making it appear that Teodoro’s rating climbed from 4% in our survey of January to 11% in our February survey when in truth and in fact, Lakas stalwart Prospero Pichay was correct when he remarked that the campaign television messages of Teodoro were not connecting.

“The truth is that Teodoro’s rating is stagnant meaning he earned 11% in our survey of January and again 11% in February, but the start of the campaign for local candidates could boost his rating.

“It was not a press conference that I called but instead my office issued an advisory to the media that our latest survey results were available for media viewing and members of the media came and went after getting my statements, and all of them were given materials and documents from where the story could be based.

“StratPOLLS definitely is not an ally of any political personality or group. It was established as the third alternative to the leading polling firms of the country, and it is the in-house research group of our sister companies, the Business Mirror, Philippines Graphic, DWIZ and Home Radio FM.

“We are confident to place our results under public scrutiny and to show our sincerity we have posted our latest survey results on our website side by side with three other polling firms where one could scrutinize and compare the close similarities in the findings.”


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