Perlas enjoys Muslim support

Perlas enjoys Muslim support
The Philippine Star

Independent presidential candidate Nicanor Perlas yesterday claimed he enjoys the support of a diverse and large Muslim sector with five major Muslim organizations joining his “coalition for new politics.”

Perlas said that the leaders of the Manila Golden Mosque in Quiapo, the Lanao del Norte Sultanate Group Movement, Sultanate of Lanao Sur, the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) Group of Lanao del Norte, and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Returnist Group are now endorsing his presidential bid, as they believe in the credibility of his peace platform.

“The support of these Muslim leaders and their constituents is the basis for the possibility of a lasting peace in Mindanao,” he said.

According to his camp, the five organizations represent around “200,000 immediate members, with a wide network of one million members” that are now part of his coalition for new politics, Pangmasa.

Perlas said his platform will demonstrate the government’s willingness to push for genuine peace by ensuring that the appropriate government services are delivered to the poorest provinces of the country even while peace negotiations are in progress.

He offered a meaningful and principled dialogue with the Muslim groups and consultation with the general public as well as appropriate civil society groups, as part of a solution to the problems of the region, especially in peace and order.

He also vowed that the structural roots of conflict and the pursuit of social justice, including the equitable delivery of government social services, infrastructure, and economic opportunity in Mindanao will be tackled should he win the presidency.

“Peace is situated in the larger context of integral sustainable development that recognizes the primacy of social justice, broad-based and equitable economic development, and respect for the diverse identities of the Filipino people,” Perlas said.   – Katherine Adraneda

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