Another president who became a congressman

Another president who became a congressman
FROM A DISTANCE By Carmen N. Pedrosa
The Philippine Star

It may be worthwhile to know for those who have attacked President GMA’s decision to run as a member of Congress that she is not the first President to run for a lower office.

An American professor of politics at UCLA told me to look up American history because they had a president who did the same thing:

President John Quincy Adams. He was determined to succeed with a program of modernization and educational advancement, but he was blocked by a Congress controlled by his political enemies.

So when he lost his bid for re-election to Andrew Jackson he did not retire. He decided to continue his fight as a member of Congress.

I do not know whether there were objections or criticisms of Adams’ decision to continue his political career as the elected US Representative from Massachusetts. But he was elected to eight terms, and served as a congressman for 17 years from 1831 until his death.

His decision to run for a lower post after his term was a personal decision. And it is a good thing he went ahead with such an unorthodox act.

He was the first and only American president ever to do so but his service to his country as a member of Congress ultimately surpassed those he did as President.

As congressman he became a leading critic of slavery. It would have been a pity if he recoiled against taking up a lower post because he was more successful as a lawmaker.

As a congressman he became an important antislavery voice in American history. Although the “Gag rule” prevented discussion of slavery from 1836 to 1844, he was able to keep the issue alive through his parliamentary skill.

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The lesson to learn is that we cannot know ahead of time what President GMA can do as congresswoman because of her background as a former president.

Once again Noynoy and his mentor re-electionist Senator Franklin Drilon show their ignorance and get it all wrong when they say that running for Congress is part of the pattern to stay in power. He may never have heard about John Quincy Adams and how as a former American president he became an effective congressman. He achieved greater heights in the service of his country. In that role he tackled one of the most important advocacies in American political history.

Drilon’s attacks against the Supreme Court when it decided there was nothing unlawful or unconstitutional about President GMA’s decision to run for Pampanga’s second district is a disservice to our judicial institutions. Moreover he plays god by condemning the President for choosing to stay in public service. (Anti-slavery would have lost a voice had President John Quincy Adams closed his mind to a lower post.)

Those who understand the problems of this country know the importance of constitutional reform. It is not something to hide or be ashamed of. We should look forward to a time when like Adams’ brave advocacy against slavery she would return the issue of constitutional reform back on the table for debate and decided democratically.

She will not be alone in pushing for those reforms. She is no longer president and all the fear that she can make it possible to shift to parliamentary government once she becomes congresswoman is ill founded. There are enough lawmakers in the House of Representatives who favor constitutional reform but they cannot do anything about the flawed provisions on revision in the 1987 Constitution. The Constitution will have to be amended before it can be amended. How that can be overcome remains to be seen.

It is a chicken and egg dilemma.

But if she does lead Congress to push for constitutional reform she would have served the Filipino nation far greater than any infrastructure she has built or a stable economy that she nurtured as President. More and more thoughtful Filipinos are beginning to understand that the Cory Constitution as it stands today is the reason why we cannot move forward. But then that is precisely the point, if you want to keep the status quo of rule by the oligarchy, you make a Constitution that is impossible to amend.

Karen Ang

A plebeian who is trying to make small changes in this world.

  • Joel Lao ,

    It is you Mrs. Pedrosa who should consult a psychiatrist and not Noynoy because it is obvious that it is you who have a mental problem which should be fixed sooner than later before you wreak more havoc in this country.

    • Joel Lao ,

      Mrs. Pedrosa’s below the belt attack against Noynoy’s mental fitness in the guise of love of country is hogwash and will even backfire against her and her master, GMA and Villar. Many can see your blatant bias against Noynoy despite the fabricated documents and that makes your credibilty zero as a journalist. You lost it when you brazenly pushed for charter change during FVR’s administration. When can you do good for our country Mrs. Pedrosa? Your daughter, a former newscaster of CNN, should be ashamed of you! You have sunked so low to the “basura” like your patrons!

      • Joel Lao ,

        It is Mrs. Pedrosa who is ignorant of the fact that when you allow an incumbent president to run for reelection more so for a lower public office you are allowing her to use the vast resources of the presidency to her advantage that is why it is expressly prohibited in our Constitution.

        John Quincy Adams was not reelected and therefore did not have undue advantage of an incumbent and that is the world of difference with GMA’s case who is an incumbent president with a reprehensible track record at that! Mrs. pedrosa just shows her true color and that is that she is a rabid supporter and attack dog of GMA!

        • Jim Cooke ,

          John Quincy Adams would never have said that he “ran for office” or actively campaigned for any political position. In his day it was believed that the office should seek out the man and not the reverse. He maintained that it would be no disgrace for a former president to serve as a Selectman.