UN body calls for conversion of NBN4 into public broadcast system

UN body calls for conversion of NBN4 into public broadcast system
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THE United Nations Educations, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) National Commission of the Philippines (UNACOM) came up with a 16-point policy recommendation for  presidential and vice-presidential candidates in the 2010 elections that included the conversion of government media network into a public broadcasting system that would serve the people rather than the government.

UNACOM said, “In the current setup, government stance is prioritized over the information needs of public and sectoral interest groups whose input and partnership are needed to sustain national welfare.”

“The new administration should study re-engineering the current ‘monolithic’ government broadcasting system and adopt the community-based concept,” said UNACOM, which monitors the roles of education, science and culture for the UN.

The proposals, which aim to “reduce the gap between what is and what should be”, were divided into three major concerns: Environment, Human Resources, and Cultural Framework for Sustainable Development.

Other recommendations include climate change and coastal management, freedom of information policy, promotion of conduct becoming a Filipino.

The signatories  were chairpersons Vilma Labrador, Committee for Education; Mel Velarde, Committee for Science and Technology; Felice Sta.marica-Pridente, Committee for Social and Human Sciences Committee; Carmen  Padilla, Committee for Culture; Florangel Rosario-Braid, Committee for Communication;  and Preciosa Soliven, secretary-general.

They appealed to the candidates to “set the example for positive transformation.”

“Anchor your action on a knowledge-based society that values learning throughout a lifetime. Anchor your action on the promotion of a Philippine culture that is a lasting legacy of excellence and nobleness in all we make and in all we do,” they said.

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