Gibo not backing out from race

Gibo not backing out from race
By Paolo Romero
The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines – Lakas-Kampi-CMD standard-bearer Gilberto “Gibo” Teodoro yesterday denied rumors that he is backing out of the presidential race amid reports that his political party is lacking support from top administration officials.

“Such rumors are originating from sectors who will cast aside all notions of decency to satiate their salivation and hunger for power through the presidency,” Teodoro said in a statement. “Unfortunately, such is commonplace in Philippine politics, which reinforces my determination to make a stand to continue the fight. I will settle for no less than victory, our people deserve no less.”

Teodoro was rumored to be quitting the race after his sudden resignation as Lakas chairman, supposedly to concentrate on his campaign.

His resignation triggered the departure of party leaders including Lakas president Sarangani Gov. Miguel Dominguez and party secretary-general Francis Manglapus.

First Gentleman Mike Arroyo is also allegedly supporting Nacionalista Party presidential candidate Sen. Manuel Villar in secret, the purported reason why the administration party is lacking campaign funds.

Lakas senatorial candidate lawyer Raul Lambino and veteran radio broadcast Rey Langit said such reports were part of a “disinformation campaign” made to divide the party.

“I think none of us six Lakas-Kampi-CMD senate bets knew of or has personal knowledge that FG (First Gentleman) was instigating our local executive party mates to switch sides. Those reports could just be part of a disinformation campaign aimed at derailing Gibo’s presidential bid,” Lambino said.

Party officials are meeting tomorrow at the Linden Suites in Pasig City to discuss the issue of campaign funds.

“Hopefully, the matter of funds would be satisfactorily addressed to save the administration campaign,” said a member of the administration party who requested anonymity.

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