Fr. Caluag said document about Noynoy's depression is fake

ProPinoy received this from Fr. Caluag himself just a few minutes after we posted about Noynoy Aquino’s depression. We would like to apologize to the Aquino camp for reposting those fake medical records we received.

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Karen Ang

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  • YES, Fr Caluag was right by claiming “the said report is bogus” technically because the ENTIRE document is considered fake when any of its elements was altered.

    The elements include date, addressee [receiver], originator [sender], content [info/data expressed therein], and even the punctuation marks.

    However, if you read Fr. Caluag’s letter again, you’ll see that he didn’t claim falsehood in the CONTENT of Noynoy’s psycho report… but claims only of his being educator and priest, as well as his signature style.

    And rightly so… He cannot comment on its content, he claimed not having competence on such issue and for being not connected to Psychology Dept.

  • elsa alegre

    alangan naman aminin e malaking kahihiyan para sa ateneo community at si caluag ay personal friend ng mga aquino.