Gibo: No talks with Aquino, Erap for possible alliance

Gibo: No talks with Aquino, Erap for possible alliance
By Willard Cheng

DAVAO CITY— One came just as the other left.

Boarding a private plane, Lakas-Kampi-CMD standard bearer Gilbert Teodoro arrived here Friday morning just as House Speaker Prospero Nograles left for Cebu in a commercial flight.

Both have the reasons to avoid each other. Just yesterday, Nograles said Teodoro’s defeat has now become “inevitable,” adding that he would rather “save Lakas but not Gibo.” (Click here for story.)

Teodoro was in Nograles’ home city, but not to reach out and patch things up with his party mate.

“What has been has been said. I wish him well,” Teodoro told ABS-CBN News upon arriving at the airport.

Instead, Teodoro met with mayors and representatives from Davao Oriental, Davao Del Sur and Compostela Valley. It was an apparent head count of who remains allied with him, following Nograles’ withdrawal of support and the defection of Compostela Valley Governor Arturo Uy.

Teodoro denied reports his camp was talking with Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino and former President Joseph Estrada for a possible alliance.

Teodoro was emphatic when he said he will not back out of the presidential race.

“No, no, no. We’re not talking to anybody. I’d like to make this public announcement that we are continuing our fight. We’re fighting to win,” Teodoro said. “And I thank all volunteers for remaining steadfast. Hanggang sa huli, walang atrasan ‘to.”

Teodoro thanked his volunteers and supporters, especially the youth, for staying with him, following the party defections. “We need to double time. We call on our youth to support us. This is the time that we can show our power amidst political movements.” (Click here for video.)

He took a swipe at politicians who have abandoned him, calling on his supporters to reject traditional politics.

“Let’s show that we are sick and tired of contemporary politics. We want to change this country for the better. This is the time to let your voices be heard,” Teodoro said.

Meets with Duterte

After attending the presidential forum in the Holy Cross of Davao College, Teodoro rushed to the Grand Menseng Hotel here to meet with Nograles’ nemesis, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

It was as if to publicly show he was severing his ties with Nograles, who is running against Duterte’s daughter to become city mayor.

Before his fallout with the House Speaker, Teodoro avoided seeing Duterte during his previous visits here as a show of respect to Nograles.

Duterte is a “very good friend” and was a client of Teodoro, a lawyer.

But despite the meeting, Duterte says he remains a supporter of Senator Aquino. “Hindi na magbabago ‘yun. But my support for Aquino does not preclude me from meeting Gibo who is a very good friend.”

Teodoro has left the city for a rally tonight in Mandaluyong, courtesy of Mandaluyong Mayor Benhur Abalos.

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