The Vote 2010: Jejomar 'Jojo' Cabauatan Binay

The Vote 2010: Jejomar ‘Jojo’ Cabauatan Binay
The Philippine Star


United Opposition

Campaign slogan: Gaganda ang Buhay Dahil kay Binay

Born Nov. 11, 1942 in Paco, Manila

Married to Elenita Sombillo, OB-gynecologist

Children: Ma. Lourdes Binay Angeles, 36; Mar-Len Abigail Binay-Campos, 34; Jejomar Erwin Binay, 32 (Makati councilor); Marita Angeline Binay-Alcantara, 30; Joanna Marie Bianca Binay, 21

Elementary: Philippine Normal College Training Department

High school: University of the Philippines Preparatory High School

College: BA Political Science, University of the Philippines

Graduate Course: Bachelor of Laws, UP; Masters in Public Administration, major in Local Gov’t Management, UP

Father: Diego Medrano Binay, librarian

Mother: Lourders Gatan-Cabauatan, teacher

How do you see the role of the vice president?

The president and vice president have the same qualifications and are both elected by the people. The vice president is a “spare tire,” and should be given respect in accordance with the position. If I become the vice president, I will try to avoid the experience of what occurred during the Estrada presidency.

Will you be a high-profile vice president?

No. I will be a team player. I won’t have a difficult time adjusting to whoever would be the president.

Since the president was elected by the people, he should be supported.

Whoever will be the president can sleep soundly, I will not take his position.

If you and the elected president come from different parties, what will your role be?

I will have no problem adjusting to whoever is president. We are both elected. Here, the parties are not platform-based but personality-based, so it doesn’t matter if we’re from different parties.

Will you ask for a Cabinet position?

Yes. I may even offer myself for the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), on the basis of my experience. I am the most senior local government official, having served as mayor of Makati twice for three terms, and also as head of the Metro Manila Development Authrity (MMDA). I sincerely believe, based on my experience, that if the barangays are progressive, then the whole country will be progressive.

Will you be a traveling vice president?

It is not the job of the vice president to travel. The vice president works here. The VP’s job is to do the jobs that the president cannot take on.

If you were the vice president in 2001, would you have taken over from Joseph Estrada?

No. In the first place I don’t believe the reasons why they ousted President Estrada. It’s also a bad precedent to remove a president by force and not follow the Constitution.

If you were the vice president in 2005 and the Hyatt 10 had asked you to take over from President Arroyo, would you have agreed?

Yes. If I recall correctly there was a time when they were already thinking of possible national leaders and modesty aside, they included me. Just in case they would be changing governments, I was told to assume the leadership.

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