The Vote 2010: Perfecto Rivas Yasay Jr.

The Vote 2010: Perfecto Rivas Yasay Jr.
The Philippine Star


Bangon Pilipinas

Born Jan. 27, 1947 in Kidapawan, Cotabato

Married to Cecille Joaquin (former commissioner, Population Commission)

Children: Oliver, Raveena, Stephanie

Elementary: Marikina Elementary School

High school: Davao City High School (1963)

College: BA in Political Science, Central Philippine University (1967)

Bachelor of Laws, University of the Philippines (1972)

Father: Perfecto Yasay Sr. (pastor)

Mother: Deborah Rivas (public school teacher)

Born: Jan. 27, 1947.

High School: Davao City High School, 1963.

College: Bachelor of Arts in Political Science; Central Philippine University, Iloilo City, 1967.

Graduate: Bachelor of Laws, University of the Philippines, 1972.

Previous Employment: Former chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Parents: Perfecto Patiño Yasay (pastor); Deborah Rivas (public school teacher).

Spouse: Cecile Joaquin-Yasay, former Commissioner of Population Commission.

Children: Stephanie Yasay, 14, with Cecile. Oliver Yasay, 35 and Raveena Yasay, 33 from a previous marriage.

State of Wealth: Income of P500,000 a month from consultancy work.

State of Health: Very good. I play golf. Every time I play golf I walk, I don’t use the cart.

Blood pressure: 140/90.

Surgeries: I had my gallstones removed when I was SEC chair. I also had a non-surgical medical procedure to pulverize my kidney stones. I also had an extraction of a benign bone tumor when I was in school.

Medication/vitamins: Statins for blood pressure. Vitamins C, D, E. Aspilet (aspirin).

How do you see the role of the vice president?

It is very important because from Day One the VP must be prepared and must be equally qualified as the president to lead the country.

Will you be a high profile vice president?

Being high-profile is something that you don’t plan. It’s a result of what you do, especially if you get into things that are controversial, even if they are good and not popular. I don’t think that as a plan or intention I would want to be a high-profile VP. I just would like to do my job the best way I know how.

Will you ask for a Cabinet post? Which one?

I will serve wherever the president chooses. Bro. Eddie (Bangon Pilipinas presidential bet Eddie Villanueva) has intimated to me that on the basis of my experience with the Securities and Exchange Commission and my international experience, he will be considering me to be the Secretary of Foreign Affairs. I want to focus on investment development, because if we raise investment we can grow industry, and that means creating jobs. But if asked, I would like Trade and Industry.

Will you be a traveling vice president?

It really depends upon the requirements of the job. Being Secretary of Foreign Affairs I know I will be traveling. Priority destinations: Aside from China and other Asian counties, the US and European countries, we would also like to concentrate on countries where we have a lot of exposure in terms of overseas Filipino workers. But I want to go around the country and talk to farmers and fisherfolk, who are the most affected by free trade. I want to see how we can diminish the harsh impact of free trade on these sectors.

If you were the vice president in January 2001, would you have taken over from President Estrada?


If you were the VP in 2005 and the Hyatt 10 asked you to take over from President Arroyo, would you have agreed?

You don’t serve as vice president because somebody tells you to serve as VP. You serve as VP because that’s how the law is. When the president is ousted or is no longer competent, then it’s your duty to take over.

If you and the elected president come from different parties, what will your role be?

It depends on what the president wants me to do. I can work with any president.

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