The Vote 2010: Dominador 'Jun' Fuentecilla Chipeco Jr.

The Vote 2010: Dominador ‘Jun’ Fuentecilla Chipeco Jr.
The Philippine Star

Ang Kapatiran Party

Campaign Slogan: Para sa Diyos at Pagbabago

Born Feb. 14, 1943 in Pagsanjan, Laguna

Married to Editha Sayoc

Children: Tisha, 38; Maan, 29; Dominador Christopher, 25

Elementary: Jose Rizal Memorial School

High school: St. Francis de Sales San Jose Seminary

College: Liberal Arts, English, San Beda College; Bachelor of Laws, SBC

Father: Dominador Chipeco Sr., former governor of Laguna

Mother: Angelita Fuentecilla

State of Wealth: I belong to the middle class.

State of Health: Perfect

BP: 120/90

Smoker: Used to, but I quit 20 years ago.

Did you have any surgeries? Yes, when I was a teenager for hernia.

Medication/Vitamins: Norvasc, Vit. C, D, E, Calcium

Have you ever consulted a psychiatrist? : No

How do you see the role of the vice-president?

From a legal standpoint, the VP is supposed to perform the functions of the president if something happens to him.

In street parlance, a VP is like a spare tire. But now it has evolved, the VP’s qualifications are similar to the president and his power to influence is almost close to the president’s.

I intend to use the VP’s office to be a catalyst in bringing about needed reforms in the country and persuade the legislative department to enact those laws.

Will you be a high profile VP or will you stay in the shadows?

I intend to be a high-profile VP. Of course, that is assuming that our standard-bearer JC De Los Reyes will be the president.

Will you ask for a Cabinet post?

Yes. As a former human resources manager, I’d like to get the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) portfolio because labor is the most abused sector in the society. I will support and espouse the regularization of all employees.

Will you be a traveling VP? Which country or countries will be your priority destinations?

I see no need for a vice president to be traveling a lot. I think that there will only be a few occasions when the vice president will need to travel abroad.

If you were the VP in January 2001, would you have taken over from President Estrada?

Under those circumstances, it wasn’t a case of me choosing to take over. The circumstances forced themselves on Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to become the president. It wasn’t a matter of choice.

If you were the VP in 2005 and the Hyatt 10 had asked you to take over from President Arroyo, would you have agreed?

I would have turned it down because we live under a democratic process. I’ve never believed in a presidency being pushed by the military. That’s a very dangerous precedent.

If you and the elected president come from different parties, what will your role be?

I’ll try to strike a working relationship with the president without, of course, compromising the principles that Ang Kapatiran stands for. To the extent that that can be achieved, I will try to do that. But in cases of contrary views and principles that are important to Ang Kapatiran, I would rather stay in the shadows.

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