Villar remains confident, believes he would overtake Noynoy's ratings

Villar remains confident, believes he would overtake Noynoy’s ratings
By Christina Mendez
The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines – Nacionalista Party (NP) presidential candidate Sen. Manuel Villar Jr. remained optimistic that he would overcome the 12-percentage point lead of his main rival Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III in the latest surveys.

With 14 days before the elections, Villar said the NP has been beefing up support from the ground to ensure their victory on May 10.

“Surveys are important but in the ultimate hour, the support of local officials as well as big groups and your entire organization working for the delivery of your votes all come into play. All these are important,” Villar said.

Villar said the remaining two weeks would be the deciding factor.

Villar cited the case of former President Fidel Ramos who emerged the winner in the 1992 elections even as he was rating low in the surveys.

He said the voting public should review the credentials of candidates and their record and experience.

“If you are a legislator for example, ask if that (candidate) already passed a law or not. If none, then that should be used as a gauge in choosing who should lead the country,” he said.

Villar said he is proud of his accomplishments having passed a number of bills in the Senate. He said this feat alone would reflect on one’s leadership capability.

NP spokesman and senatorial bet Gilbert Remulla said the battle has shifted into capturing areas for solid votes.

“While we acknowledge the veracity of pre-election polls by various survey firms, we believe that surveys do not make a candidate win. The war has now shifted from media battles to capturing battlegrounds that will deliver the actual votes. This is the real deal, and we are prepared to go for the kill,” he said.

Remulla said Aquino’s lead in the surveys has gone back to the single-digit level with two weeks before the national elections.

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