Villar won't sanction supporter for fake psych report

Villar won’t sanction supporter for fake psych report

MANILA, Philippines – Nacionalista Party standard-bearer Manny Villar on Wednesday said he will not impose sanctions against former National Power Corp. President and NP supporter Guido Delgado for releasing a fake psychiatric report on Liberal Party standard-bearer Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.

In an interview, Villar said Delgado is a volunteer and cannot be sanctioned by NP. He added that he has no plans to talk to Delgado or chastise him for holding a press conference to release the fake psychiatric report on Aquino.

Villar also refused to condemn Delgado’s action, saying that he plans to read the fake psychiatric report first. He said he did not order Delgado to call for a press conference.

Delgado distributed copies of the fake psychiatric report on Tuesday morning, but he stressed that he did not verify it. “It is the media’s role to confirm its veracity,” he said.

Delgado said his co-volunteer in the Villar camp received the report in a packet last weekend. It had no return address.

Jesuit priest Jaime Bulatao, however, denied writing or signing such a report.

A policy adviser of Villar on Tuesday admitted to ABS-CBN News that it was the Villar camp which was behind the second document on Aquino’s mental health.

In an telephone interview on ANC’s Rundown Tuesday night, Prof. Prospero de Vera of the UP College of Public Administration said: “We received a document and a DVD purporting to be a report. We present it to the media for the media to investigate it.”

Asked if he thought it might boomerang on Villar’s campaign, de Vera said: “It is because we want the truth to come out. We don’t want to be accused again. We are avoiding the possibility that media organizations who receive the material will again accuse the Nacionalista Party of starting this whole thing. That’s why we are bringing it out in the open for the media to investigate it.”

NP spokesman and senatorial bet Adel Tamano, meanwhile, denounced the ongoing smear campaign against Aquino, which has been attributed to the NP camp. Tamano maintained Villar and the team were caught unaware by Delgado’s revelations. He called on NP members and supporters to stop the mudslinging and focus their efforts instead on positive campaigning and platforms.

“To be very honest, I am really so tired. Pinapahirapan nila yung trabaho ko. I joined the NP I was hoping I would be talking about yung vision namin for the country. That’s what I wanted to do as spokesman pero hindi. Instead of doing that I’m on your show now defending this stupid tactic na ginawa ng isang NP supporter namin. Parang nakakahinayang eh. Nakakasama ng loob to tell you the truth,” he told radio dzMM.

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