Delgado says his wife sent e-mail in good faith

Delgado says his wife sent e-mail in good faith
By Nikko Dizon
Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines—Former National Power Corp. president Guido Delgado Thursday said Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III was “lying” and was “wrong” when the Liberal Party (LP) standard-bearer accused his wife of starting the e-mail chain of a psychiatric report showing Aquino was “mentally unfit” to lead the country.

“I flatly deny Senator Aquino’s accusation and demand that he retract his statement and that he apologize to my wife and my family,” Delgado said in a two-page statement sent to the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

“Senator Aquino cannot fathom the deep hurt he has caused my family because he does not have a wife or children. If he wants to hurt me, he has to hit me. He should be man enough to face me squarely and not to pick on my wife who was only going out of her way to verify the report,” Delgado added.

Delgado is a supporter of Aquino’s rival, Nacionalista Party presidential candidate Sen. Manuel Villar.

Aquino and his party said that it was Delgado’s wife, Joy, who started the e-mail chain of the first psychiatric report that cast doubts on the LP leader’s mental fitness.

Delgado said that the e-mail was sent “in confidence and good faith to Dan Songco, a close friend and Noynoy supporter.

“I have been informed that the same e-mail was forwarded to Rapa Lopa (Aquino’s cousin) to precisely verify the psychiatric report. Dan Songco informed me that he never said that it was my wife who made the report,” Delgado said.

“I would like to remind Senator Aquino again that no amount of denial and scare tactics could obfuscate from the public mind any amount of doubt the report has raised regarding Senator Aquino’s mental health. It is the duty of every voting Filipino to know the qualifications and readiness of public officials if they are fit to perform their official duties,” he said.

Delgado released the report to the media on Tuesday and admitted that he did not verify it. He claimed that the report was brought by a messenger to Villar’s volunteer office in Mandaluyong City.

Delgado said in his statement that last Tuesday, when he went public with the “unverified psychiatric report,” was his and his wife’s 25th wedding anniversary.

“She did not know what I was about to do and she was so upset and she cried because we have many friends who support Senator Aquino,” he said.

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