Ople: What about labor?

Ople: What about labor?
Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines—The mudslinging throughout the three-month campaign period has been an “insult” to the labor sector that just had a “very bad year,” said Nacionalista Party senatorial candidate, Susan “Toots” Ople.

“All this mudslinging is an insult to our workers and OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers),” Ople told the Inquirer on Thursday.

She said that labor issues have not been sufficiently discussed by national candidates during the campaign, particularly the problem on the country’s runaway deficit.

“A crippled government cannot empower its poor, so the struggle for decent and stable jobs continues,” she said.

In a statement issued Friday, Ople dared all presidential and senatorial candidates, as well as party-list nominees, to tackle labor issues and “give a definite position on the trend towards the rampant outsourcing of workers as indicated by the brewing labor dispute at Philippine Airlines.”

“Rather than slinging mud at each other, these candidates should offer clear and concrete positions on genuine labor concerns,” she said. Nikko Dizon

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