Heed Rosales' advice, shun people power talk – Palace

Heed Rosales’ advice, shun people power talk – Palace
By Marvin Sy
The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines – Malacañang has called on members of the Catholic faith to heed the advice of Manila Archbishop Gau-dencio Cardinal Rosales to shun talks of yet another people power in case massive fraud takes place during elections as insinuated by one of the presidential aspirants.

Deputy presidential spokesman Gary Olivar welcomed the statement from Rosales, whom he described as one of the “princes of the Philippine Church.”

“There is no condition or basis for the call to people power by certain quarters,” he said.

“We are gratified by the position taken by the Cardinal who is obviously a man of peace who speaks for a church that is committed to peace,” Olivar said.

“We hope that our countrymen who belong to the same church, as almost all of us do, will heed his words and follow the example of prudence and level headedness that he is counseling us as a shepherd to his flock,” he added.

It was Liberal Party (LP) standard-bearer Sen. Benigno Aquino III who warned of the people taking to the streets if there is massive fraud in Monday’s elections.

Olivar said that there was no place for such calls in society anymore, not at this time when the institutions and processes are in a much better shape than they were before.

“There are no objective conditions, objective basis to call for street adventurism from any quarter no matter how well intentioned they are. Our institutions and processes are in much better shape today, more than 20 years after EDSA 1 and 10 years after EDSA 2,” Olivar said.

Rosales slammed as “irresponsible” and “crazy” warnings coming from some presidential candidates that there would be civil unrest if they lose in the elections next week.

Rosales did not name a specific presidential bet but said anyone who brings up such an idea is irresponsible.

“Whoever said that… that is irresponsible thinking,” he told reporters. – With Helen Flores

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