Reporters barred from interviewing Villar

Reporters barred from interviewing Villar

Reporters covering the Nacionalista Party campaign were furious Wednesday night after they were barred from getting near presidential bet Senator Manuel Villar Jr. and interviewing him after at least four hours of waiting.

The organizers of the NP rally in Pasig’s Mega Market blocked the media from getting inside the backstage area to see Villar, who was then addressing the crowd. Before Villar arrived, the media were allowed to go to the backstage and freely roam the area.

There were also some personnel wearing orange, Villar’s official color, who took pictures of the complaining reporters.

No one from the NP camp wanted to explain the incident. Even the senator’s media relation officers said they were unaware of the order to prevent the media from getting inside.

Before the incident, Villar’s media officers told reporters that the senator cannot grant an interview as he has no voice due to sore throat.

However, the senator was able to speak before the Pasig residents and his supporters.

The reporters wanted to get Villar’s reaction on the endorsement of the Iglesia Ni Cristo religious organization of his rival, Liberal Party standard bearer Sen. Benigno Aquino III.

The senator also did not receive the endorsement of another major religious leader based in Mindanao, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ organization.

In a hastily-called press conference at the sidelines of the campaign rally earlier in day, reporters were also requested to limit questions on the malfunction of the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines and Smartmatic.

When reporter tried to asked about the INC endorsement, the senators said they can no longer answer the question as it was time for them to go to the stage and greet the crowd.—JV, GMANews.TV

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