Gibo thanks TUCP, 18 groups for support

Gibo thanks TUCP, 18 groups for support
The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines – Lakas-Kampi-CMD standard-bearer Gilberto “Gibo” Teodoro thanked the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) and 18 more party-list groups for endorsing his candidacy, saying their backing is not just support for him but a collective commitment to an agenda for genuine change and sustainable national development into the next decade.

Teodoro said TUCP and the other party-list groups deserve to be represented in Congress to ensure that all sectors, especially the marginalized ones, are adequately heard as the next government seeks a national consensus behind a roadmap for change and development.

These party-list groups’ endorsement came on the heels of an announcement Sunday night in Davao City by Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, “self-appointed Son of God” and founder of the six million-strong Kingdom of Jesus Christ: The Name Above Every Name, that Teodoro should be the country’s next president.

Aside from TUCP, the party-list organizations that signed the manifesto were: AT (Aangat Tayo), ANAD (Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy), Senior Citizens, Ang Kasangga, BANAT (Barangay Association for National Advancement and Transparency), KAKUSA (Kapatiran ng mga Nakulong na Walang Sala), ABAKADA-Guro, ARC (Alliance for Rural Concerns) and ABS (Arts, Business and Science Professionals).

The pro-Teodoro manifesto was also signed by UNI-MAD (United Movement Against Drugs), 1-Utak (1-United Transport Koalisyon), YACAP (You Against Corruption And Poverty), ALAGAD, COOP-NATCCO (Cooperatives-National Confederation of Cooperatives), VFP (Veterans Freedom Party), AA-KASOSYO, and ALIF (Ang Laban ng Indiginong Filipino).

Meanwhile, the administration Lakas-Kampi party promised yesterday to surprise the nation on Monday with the victory of its standard-bearer.

“We are going to deliver a shocker on election day,” Lakas-Kampi secretary-general Ray Roquero told the Serye Café news forum in Quezon City.

He said the party’s machinery in the local level would make Teodoro win the elections.

“Gibo is supported by at least 120 congressmen, 40 governors and thousands of local officials. We have more than 12,000 candidates nationwide,” he said.

Lakas-Kampi senatorial candidate Raul Lambino said while other presidential candidates “spent tens of millions and even billions” on media advertising, the ruling party focused its spending on oiling and fine-tuning its local machinery.

Asked about previous reports of money not flowing from party coffers, Roquero said, “It is not true that Lakas-Kampi is encountering logistical problems. Otherwise, there would have been continuous defections and the party would have disintegrated.”

Sources told The STAR that the latest tranche of fund releases was made in Cebu last week after Teodoro met with congressmen and governors.

There is another release scheduled before Monday’s balloting.

It was Lambino who first complained about lack of funds from their party.

Responding to questions yesterday, he said he was happy with the financial support he is getting from Lakas-Kampi. –With Jess Diaz, Jaime Laude

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