All New Pro Pinoy

In an effort to aid political awareness in making “the choice 2010,” ProPinoy has served as an online database of documents, news reports, commentary and public testimony on issues that revolved around the men vying for the highest post in the land.

Now that a leader has been legitimately elected, ProPinoy is taking Filipino online patriotism one step further by taking the new President up to the task of his promised ACCOUNTABILITY and support TRANSPARENCY in the Philippine government, and challenge it where it is lacking.

But the PEOPLE must also be accountable for their own country. On top of bringing political developments to light, together we will work toward civil engagement, social and environmental awareness, and promoting local tourism and business. Only together can we move this country forward.

This is the Pro Pinoy Project.

Please enjoy this Beta version as we upgrade the ProPinoy experience.
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The ProPinoy Project