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Wang Wang

Some people are belittling PNoy’s declaration against wang wangs. They say that there are more serious issues which need to be addressed. True. There are more serious issues our President needs to tackle but I believe he is getting there. However, the brutish display of power and arrogance by using sirens, blinkers, and escorts is nothing to belittle.

Every “wang” of those wang wangs tells us that they think they are better and far more important than the rest of us.  It was an unspoken command that we should simply shoo away.  It meant the traffic that we bear with each day does not apply to them.  Their “wang” signified that their presence in wherever destination they want to reach is more important even if that destination might be a casino where they will gamble our money away.

How can these people empathize with us when they won’t even try to lower themselves to our level?

By banning unnecessary use of “wang wangs”, officials and so-called VIPs will finally know what we endure everyday.

Hours after the Inauguration, I was watching DZMM’s Teleradyo and people were texting the station about violators of the wang wang ban. The day after, Teleradyo was still being swamped with text messages reporting violators. As I see it, people are becoming empowered.

All of a sudden, we have become vigilant. We are changing. We are becoming active participants in nation building. Even text messages about recycling, noise pollution, jeepney drivers who don’t switch on their headlights, etc. were being reported to Teleradyo.

If we can sustain this quest for “daang matuwid” and slowly modify our behaviors to become disciplined, maybe later we will have real pride for our Nation. Those who used to have no shame in displaying power will feel guilt and work with us because the citizens and the President are trying very hard to right the wrongs of our country.

So do not belittle the ban on wang wangs. It is a big step for a better Philippines.


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Karen Ang

A plebeian who is trying to make small changes in this world.

  • Larry Raivala ,

    Dear, I agree with you in part but the President and his bodyguards should be the exception to this rule as he is and will always be a target of some idiot.
    But, the rest of the politicians should travel the same streets as you and I do. As for how many bodyguards or there rude tactics, again it comes down to the security of the President and unfortunately in this world we live in it is a necessay evil.
    god bless the Philippines and hope this presidency has the support to make the necessary tough changes to better your lives. You are all very beautiful people, kind, caring and loving it is time the rest of the world knows of the great people in your country…

    • liberdad ,

      “So do not belittle the ban on wang wangs. It is a big step for a better Philippines.”

      totoo yan karen. people scoff at it kasi parang ang liit. well guess what, we need to do the little steps because of how stuck in the muck we are. and you know what makes us stuck in the muck? the same people who scoff at the genius idea of the wangwang.

      so pwede ba sa mga anti pinoy kami gusto nang umunlad, maliit man na hakbang, hakbang parin. kayo ang tataba sa pagiging bitter ninyo kami tuloy ang nahihirapan. perp ngayon, MAS MADAMI NA KAMI SA INYO. kaya naming umunlad, so we will drag you with us, you can walk with us, or you can be left behind in the muck.

      UNLAD PINOY! PRO PINOY!! this is such a great idea!

      • EL ,

        Wag naman sana maging ningas kugon ang lahat ng ito….

        • sofiedg ,

          well said!
          Whoever thought of wangwang (if not PNoy himself) as a platform for change is a genius. The issue seems trivial but not to someone caught in traffic passed by a car with a blazing siren. If the new President can go down to the level of the common people, can we not step up and meet the challenge?

          • YlocanaBelle ,

            so true! the law should apply to all. however I still think because of what our new president is espousing his life will be in grave danger and I would still suggest that he exempt himself from this law. his bodyguards can only do so much if placed at high risk of exposure and we don’t want a dead president do we?

            mabuhay ang bagong P-Noy!

            • Joey del Rosario ,

              More power to you President Noy . Saludo po ako at ang aking pamilya sa inyong simulain. God bless

              • Bam ,

                Salamat P.Noy. Binanggit mo lang sa iyong inauguration ang tungkol sawangwang, pero bago nyan, gumawa ka muna ng ehemplo, ngayon nangyayari, naghulihan na ng mga wangwang. PWEDE PALA MANGYARI KUNG GUGUSTUHIN. POLIICAL WILL lang pala kailangan andof course, ang pangunguna sa dapat manguna. Sa sunod P. Noy, banggitin mo na rin sa mga talumpati mo ang paglinis sa bawat kapaligiran ng bawat tahanan at magtapn ng basura sa tamang lagayan. Matagal na itong panawagan parng di pa rin nakikinig ang mga tao kahit binabaha na.

                • Francis Morilao ,

                  This is it, the beginning of what we call change in our behaviors towards our surroundings.

                  Keep it up Mr. President! We (OFW) are here to support and pray for you

                  • Maia ,

                    I believe that sirens should only be allowed for Ambulance, Police Cars,and Fire Trucks. If this “so called” VIP’s and Politicians need to have a dose of what people are experiencing in EDSA and other streets in Metro Manila. This is good. I hope they will lessen the arrogant bodyguards too. Maybe 2 bodyguards will do.

                    • Jomell Cruz ,

                      To the politicians and their family members: Traveling in Code 3 (Wang wang) means someone’s life in danger and not because you are late for your meetings or appointments. If you’re late, you’re late and no one’s gonna die anyway. So grow up and start managing your time because wang wang is for the life savers only!

                      • ric gacutan ,

                        sometimes fairytale come true….prince noynoy defeated the wicked witch from north..inncluding the evil forces….one by one……and WE LIVE HAPPY EVER AFTER……ang ganda po bang pakingan no?

                        • melardenio ,

                          The wang-wang issue really gives me a sigh of relief. Finally somebody is hearing our side. Thanks to P-noy, We support you!

                          • Ronald Estacion ,

                            gotta agree to this. its like the difference between 1 peso and 100 pesos. you cant make 100 peso if you dont have 1 peso. big things start small