No Wang-Wang, First action in achieving a better nation

At his inaugural speech, President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III was able to point out something that caught the ears of the Filipinos – The Usage of Sirens

“Kayo ba ay minsan ring nalimutan ng pamahalaang inyong iniluklok sa puwesto? Ako rin. Kayo ba ay nagtiis na sa trapiko para lamang masingitan ng isang naghahari-hariang de-wangwang sa kalsada? Ako rin. Kayo ba ay sawang-sawa na sa pamahalaang sa halip na magsilbi sa taumbayan ay kailangan pa nila itong pagpasensiyahan at tiisin? Ako rin.”

On his first day as the President, he immediately banned the usage of Sirens or what we simply call wang-wang, The President himself didn’t utilize his privilege of using the sirens since he knows how much traffic it cost.

The Filipinos were amazed seeing the President stop at every intersection and obediently followed all the traffic signals, which actually makes him late for his first appointment, but he did apologize.

Equality among Filipino People

The Ban of Wang-Wang shows the equality among Filipino People. For Filipinos, sirens symbolize power; and people who are using sirens are labeled as the kings of roads. Now that the President didn’t use his wang-wang therefore the people should look up to him as an example and not use their’s also.

No one is above the law

Last Week more than 20 sirens were confiscated due to non compliance of the command of the President. Government officials and VIP’s who violated the rule are apprehended and the officials do not and will not favor anyone, true enough that no one is above the law.

Betterment of our nation

Following a simple command can bring big changes and improvement to our society, which may lead to developing a new and strong nation. On the outset, the ban of wangwang might seem to be of miniscule value, but its ripples can be felt up to the edges of society.

And now that the change is starting to occur, we should continue to follow simple rules and I’m sure that someday, we’ll be nation wherein People and Government are helping each other in building a better nation.

When should P-Noy use his Sirens?

Sirens can be useful too.  Stopping for a stop sign can be precarious for President Aquino.  It is a logistical nightmare for the President’s Security Group to plan the fastest route and make sure of the security of the President. Being the President’s security group, it is paramount for them to make sure that nothing will happen to the president on route. But that is their job.  It is also the job of the president to live long enough to work.  How then do we balance this undeniable need to set an example, at the same time guarantee the President’s safety?


Clariz is a Consular and Diplomatic Affairs Student; she’s an aspiring minister and photography junkie, she began writing last year after she was involved in a political campaign last election, her act of volunteerism was featured on Philippine Daily Inquirer.

She's currently writing for Pro Pinoy and active member of Kaya Natin Movement Youth Core Group, You can follow her on twitter or check out her