BSAIII statement on Con-Ass

Official statement by Senator Benigno S. “Noynoy” Aquino on moves to amend the Constitution through a constituent assembly (Con-Ass), June 9, 2009

On Charter Change

“There has been so much talk on how to amend the Constitution, but the case for changing it has not been made. In the first place, is there a need to amend our Constitution? If so, is it something that needs our attention right now?

“Last week, the lower house voted to amend the Constitution through a constituent assembly without determining first whether or not Charter Change was even necessary. They are espousing a solution to a problem that has not been properly identified. Isn’t this the height of illogic coming from elected 3 officials expected by the people who voted for them to make logical decisions?

“Just a few hours after the sponsor of the measure delivered his speech, a vote had taken place without exhaustive debates. To amend the Constitution requires months, even years of deliberations, but a resolution to proceed with Charter Change through a constituent assembly was decided upon by the lower house with undue haste. It is a devious move that would undermine the role of the Senate in the amendment process and thus, is vehemently opposed by the people. Why then did the lower house insist on passing the resolution despite public criticism that it should not be pursued?

“I am against any move to amend the Constitution and I am against this move by the lower house to desecrate the identity of Congress as a bicameral institution. I am committed to preclude this rushed manner of changing our fundamental and sacrosanct law.

“This recent effort to trifle with our Constitution should sear the conscience of every Filipino. Such a ruthless display of tyranny of numbers can only come from a government so used to being insulated from culpability for so long. For all the sins Mrs. Arroyo and her allies have committed against the people, shall we still allow them the opportunity to perpetuate their reign?

“To sit idly by and do nothing is to be complicit to this ongoing crime. We have to make our voices heard. I join the Liberal Party in condemning this shameless act orchestrated by the Arroyo government. Enough is enough. It is time to take the power from a mere handful in Congress and give it back to the people where it rightfully belongs.”

[Archived from the official campaign web site of President Benigno S. “Noynoy” Aquino III]

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