What the blogosphere is saying on SONA

Blogs are starting to appear on what the SONA means for us, and the dust is settling and people are starting to think things through what the President said.

Our regular Pro Pinoy contributors gave their two cents. Manuel Buencamino wrote SONA, and it was followed by Felicity’s “A delayed reaction to the theif who stole in the night.”   Marocharim tweeted his take in what is appropriately titled, “the 140 character SONA.”

Caffeinesparks gave her thoughts in “Noynoy’s first SONA: reiterating the message of his campaign.” She scrawled, “this SONA sounds like a report to the people.”

Regular Pro Pinoy writer, Doy Santos on the other hand had a good piece on “Son of a SONA!” In it he criticized the administration’s choice of Public-Private Partnerships in developing nations. It is a must read.

Leo Alejandrino lent his insight in “Noy’s State of the Nation.” He said, “by my count the weighted grade for the SONA was a B+ for sincerity and goodwill. It could have done with more content especially on fiscal reform. Next year’s test will be harder. The President will no longer have the past Administration to hit on. He will also have to deliver on his promises. Let us wish him luck.”

Loyal Aquino supporter Reyna Elena jot down his thoughts in a reaction to President Benigno Aquino’s State of the Nation Address.

Over at Midfield, Ding Gagelonia wrote “P.Noy’s 1st SONA: The Hits, and Misses (retitled).”  Tony Cruz narrated Arroyo, PPP policy top Aquino’s Congress speech, ending with a quote from Bayan Muna.

The opposition’s circle had this to say. We have Edcel Lagman’s Counter-SONA.  If you’re in that camp, be sure to read Maningat’s P-Noy’s first SONA in proper perspective.

The Anti-Pinoy Ilda’s take on President Noynoy’s SONA: what the clapping audience failed to hear,” apparently the President is the ‘biggest loser.’  Of course, it hasn’t dawned on that camp that calling people names simply translates to losing an argument.

The opposition continues to oppose everything and proposing nothing.

Most people general accept the SONA in a positive light.   Yes there are misgivings and some obvious disappointment, but generally are willing to give the President the benefit of the doubt and this time to act.  In their critic you can sense that they do want to make things better loving their country and willing to change it.

Cocoy Dayao

Cocoy is the Chief Technology Officer of Lab Rats Technica, a Digital Consulting company that specialises in DevOps, iOS, and Web Apps, E-Commerce sites, Cybersecurity and Social Media consulting. He is a technology enthusiast, political junkie and social observer who enjoys a good cup of coffee, comic books, and tweets as @cocoy on twitter.

Cocoy is also the Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of the ProPinoy Project.

Cocoy considers himself to be Liberal.


    The Project/s: CAPABILITY UPGRADE PROGRAM (CUP) Communications Equipment Offered by Israel – The Armed Forces of the Philippines Fixed Communications System

    Request for Investigation / Report on AFP Anomalies: This is NOT part of the so-called Midnight Deal, but should be included in the AFP DND investigation because this is now “due for payment to suppliers.” During the Arroyo administration, the “civilians” were appointed in AFP DND to handle the procurement. Unfortunately, these “civilians” who were expected to exercise “a level playing field” were the ones caught in the act violating the RA 9184 and IRR; they were even the Number One violators of their so-caled “follow the rule of law”; such massive irregularities in the bidding process grossly disadvantageous to the Philippine Government. PLEASE SCRUTINIZE THEIR DOCUMENTS AND YOU WILL FIND THAT THE WINNERS HAVE COMMITTED FRAUD AND PROVIDED MISLEADING INFORMATIONS. DND BAC proclaimed a Winner by Fraud (DID NOT participate the bidding !).

    A Fraudulent Joint-Venture Agreement “JVA” FIASCO !

    Disguising corruption: The suppliers/agents/lobbyists, and other third-party representatives designed a SHAM joint venture with an Israel vendor shortly after the entire bidding was carried out (one partner of the JV, DID NOT even participate the bidding process) and the agents are then seen using PLM foundations to disguise the sources of illegally obtained funds and to hide bribery and unexplained bank deposits to pay bribes and evade taxes; to hide off-the-book accounts and other accounting irregularities; the PLM foundations as repositories of the ill-gotten wealth.


    You said in your well-applauded inaugural address on June 30 “We will fight corruption (also, in AFP, you will scrutinize the controverial biddings in the AFP Modernization Program undertaken by DND BAC, review the Conduct of Bidding Process, Notice of Awards and Contracts),” and said so that we, the Filipino people, can bring our concerns to you directly because, borrowing your own words, we are “your boss.” May we report to you the current Issues the MASSIVE BIDDING & AWARDING IRREGULARITIES in the utilization of the AFP Funds- the AFP Modernization Program Fixed Communication System Projects which is now DUE FOR PAYMENT TO THE SUPPLIERS: The DND BAC awarded the contract to suppliers with a “defective” JVA (Joint Venture Agreement). Defective because aside from the fact that Datatrail Corporation did not participate the bidding and no eligibility documents, there are traces of influence peddlings, treacherous collusion among suppliers and obvious railroading of the AFP projects to favored suppliers under this defective fraudulent JVA.

    In the spirit of non-partisanship and enlightened national interest, we hope you will not fail us SPEED UP THE INVESTIGATION of this AFP Modernization Program SCAM.

    Please bring this to the right concerned agency or body for immediate attention and action, to truly eradicate the culture of corruption that took root in the military organization in cahoots with unscrupulous individuals. And more power to your organization recognized to have absolute professional journalistic responsibility of reporting the facts, consistently delivering a fair and balanced reporting and conscientiously serve in best interest of the Filipino people.

    SPEED UP the AFP Modernization Program or speed up the Corruption ?

    BEWARE OF Microwave radio manufacturer CERAGON NETWORKS ISRAEL engaging in anomalous deals in cahoots with these big-time FIXERS they bagged the Contracts worth Billion Pesos from the AFP Modernization Fund thru Fraud. There’s grand conspiracy going on right now, exactly the same as the recent NBN/ZTE deal Scam ! And like ZTE of China, CERAGON NETWORKS ISRAEL is liable to be punished to the full extent of the law, BE BLACKLISTED for the offence, being part of the dummy corporation set up as PART OF THE FRAUD SCHEME. Watch this group of “big-time fixers” continues to peddle INFLUENCE as investigation on DND irregularities are going on, influencing decisions and wield unfair advantage through lobbying and advocacy. We are afraid that these fixers may soon get away scot-free. PLEASE SCRUTINIZE THEIR FRAUDULENT JVA they cannot deny that nothing untoward happened after all their intentional misrepresentations made. CAVEATS : We just learned that Contract Awards still intact with Ceragon Networks Israel engaging in fraud-ridden JVA arrangement. Nasaan na po ba yung daang matuwid ? And like ZTE China, what will be your action against Ceragon Networks Israel for this CRIMINAL LIABILITY ? There’s conspiracy of silence around such supplier-driven anomalous deals and corruption in the AFP and the fixers are happy.

    Attention to our dear Senators and our President P-Noy, please STOP the Payment immediately and SCRUTINIZE the Filipino contractor Datatrail Corp. JVA with Ceragon Networks Israel which is DUE FOR PAYMENT ANYTIME NOW. It was DND-BAC ASEC Othelo Carag who acted unfavorably grossly disadvantageous to the Philippine government, a WILLING VICTIM hastily favored the questionable Datatrail Corp. JVA with Ceragon Networks Israel. Datatrail Corp. did not submit the required Legal / Eligibility documents and DND BAC did not follow/implement the basic standards and the Rule of Law pertaining to the latest revisions on RA 9184 and IRR on JVA. Notice that Datatrail Corp. was never mentioned to have participated the bidding and DND BAC was VERY SILENT about Datatrail Corp.’s qualifications a private Filipino contractor with NO history qualifications (no financial and technical records of telecom projects microwave and PBX; in connivance with DND BAC entirely bypassed the non-discretionay pass/fail criteria based on RA9184 and IRR requirements, the proclaimed Winner simply because they have DND Connections !).

    Are we going to allow a one-million-peso corporation a PhP 55,000 taxpaying company to bag the Billion pesos AFP contracts ?

    The lone Witness: The JVA letter and Notice of Award to a Filipino private contractor Datatrail Corp. Winner without documents, in conspiracy and collusion with Ceragon Networks Israel. Both suppliers and other unscrupulous representatives/beneficiaries should be BLACKLISTED and CRIMINALLY CHARGED for grave conspiracy, bid price fixing, falsification of documents, estafa, pretenses and misrepresentations and violation of Government Procurement Act RA9184 and IRR on JVA.

    Are we going to allow another NBN/ZTE Scam ? This time, the Project: AFP Modernization Program for Fixed Communications System SCAM !

    These suppliers (representatives from Ceragon Networks Israel, Datatrail Corp. and Alcatel) are currently busy with their bank accounts being coursed thru a foundation, can we ask them to explain to the Senate Investigating Body “how” they were able to bag the AFP FCS Projects “without the eligibility legal documents” and ENTIRELY BYPASSING THE BIDDING STAGES 1 & 2 VITAL FOR THEM TO BECOME ELIGIBLE TO BID. We appeal to our Pres. P-Noy to SCRUTINIZE the documents of this winning Filipino private contractor Datatrail Corp. because they won the project by FRAUD. JVA without eligibility documents IS a CRIME; Datatrail Corp. did not participate ANY of the bidding stages, they did not pay the Bid Security Bond yet they were able to bag the AFP FCS Project without incurring any expenses except producing the JVA Letter (the footprint of Influence Peddling !). This is a very controversial bidding because the one who did not participate the bidding ended up as THE WINNER bagging the projects !

    What is worse, as if there was no daylight robbery and fraud committed, these suppliers/representatives are now ACTING LIKE THE REAL BIG WINNERS TODAY, BY FRAUD !


    FAST FACTS (Bid Due Dates Milestones, “Switching” of Winners and Opening of Bank Accounts of Suppliers and Accomplices to secure their Kickbacks, or the so callled “Tong-pats”)

    1/ December 1, 2004
    New DND Team of Executives was appointed by then DND Sec. Avelino Cruz.

    2/ March 18, 2005
    1ST Stage Bidding, held on Mar. 18 (THIS IS HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE: A “Failure of Bidding” was declared by DND BAC; note that most of the Bidders have complied all the Eligibility Requirements; the bidders felt that Ceragon Networks Israel and Datatrail Corp. were not able to participate this Bidding why a Re-bidding was called — so they are given a chance to participate)

    3/ September 8, 2005
    1ST Stage Bidding, held on Sept.8 (Submission of Eligibility Documents) : Alcatel Phils., Inc., Lucent Technologies, Nera Phils. and Ceragon Networks

    4/ October 20, 2005
    2ND Stage Bidding, held on Oct. 20 (Submission of Technical and Financial Documents and Proposals; and payment of Bid Security Bond): Alcatel Phils., Inc., Lucent Technologies, Nera Phils. and Ceragon Networks

    DND BAC released a statement thru a Supplementary Bulletin, sometime in November 2005, announced that Ceragon Networks Israel and Datatrail Corporation that “they” were “actually” in “Joint Venture Agreement.”

    Here, one Filipino private company “Datatrail Corporation” began to appear and INSTANTLY PROCLAIMED BY DND BAC AS “THE WINNER !” DND BAC acted like the late Ms. Viveka Babajee, the Miss Mauritius, proclaiming Winners illegaly- i.e., by simply “swinging / switching of Winners !”

    6/ April 27, 2006
    Datatrail Corporation, the “self-proclaimed Winner”, published false informations in the Philippine Star, surprised everyone “to have bagged the AFP Fixed Communications System projects” without ANY eligibility documents like NTC permit, no Income Tax Stamped Received by BIR, etc. and not paying the Bid Security Bond and no history qualifications in CY 2003, CY2004 and CY2005 (bid reference dates for history qualifications). False representations and misleading informations were released in the publication: Datatrail Corporation DID NOT participate ANY of the Bidding Stages 1 and 2 to become eligible to bid, not even an accredited vendor for Digitel/Sun Cellular, Globe Telecom and PLDT/Smart Communications; yet telling the public that Datatrail Corporation bagged projects in Digitel and Smart/PLDT worth more than $15 million in 16-month period. This is ABSOLUTELY FALSE, a false representation committed by Datatrail Corporation. We challenge Datatrail Corporation to provide their Income Tax Return payment from BIR and letters from Digitel and Smart/PLDT Project References for CY 2003, 2004 and 2005 since the AFP FCS bidding was held in 2005 ! ; how can they get the projects to start with if they are not even a recognized telecom supplier in the telecom industry (nobody knows them !).

    Issuers of the press releases are responsible for the content of their press releases-

    Not a Telecom Company nor Supplier for Digitel/Sun Cellular, Globe Telecom and PLDT/Smart:
    Contrary to their press releases, Datatrail Corporation IS NOT an accredited supplier for Digitel/Sun Cellular, Globe Telecom and Smart/PLDT to-date; even a simple NTC Certificate they do not even have !

    7/ October 16 2007: CORRUPTION RACKETS Dealing with Controllers, Users, Abusers and Manipulators
    Registered at Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC): the “Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Alumni Association, Inc.” (PLMAAI)

    Jesus B. Triños, Jr. as President (Supplier for Ceragon Networks Israel, Datatrail Corp. and Alcatel in AFP) and;

    Lorna M. Orbe as Treasurer (wife of Hermie Orbe, Supplier for Alcatel for AFP)

    Note: Eveyone within the PLM community knew “Jesus Trinos Jr and Friends” bagged the AFP Modernization Contracts and boasting their friends the AFP Funds are available for release anytime now.

    8/ October 2 2009
    Herminio Orbe (Supplier for Alcatel for AFP) was appointed as PLM Scholarship Foundation as President; this PLMAAI entered into an agreement with PLM Scholars Foundation, Inc. of Jesus B. Triños, Jr. with Banco De Oro C/A# 00438017412 Metropolitan Avenue Branch Makati City (Note: the bank account placed in Makati City ! )

    9/ Q3 2010
    Wire Transfer/Cheque Payment from AFP Modernization Program Funds to Ceragon Networks Israel – Datatrail Corp. JVA

    10/ Q3 2010
    PAYMENT OF HUGE KICKBACKS OR THE SO-CALLED “TONG-PATS”: THE PLAN is to Back-to-back Bank Wire Transfer Remittances from Ceragon Networks Israel – Datatrail Corp. JVA to PLM Scholars Foundation Inc. to get the Kickbacks of “Jesus Trinos and Friends” generated from AFP Modernization Program and Digitel/Sun Cellular worth Millions and Millions of Dollars in kickbacks as payment to the Fixers (In the AFP FCS Projects, whoever gets this First Phase of the the AFP Fixed Communications System automatically gets the succeeding phases worth Billions of Pesos !)

    BEHIND THAT SMILEY FACE IS A HIDDEN AGENDA: They need the foundation like PLM Scholars Foundation Inc to hide their KICKBACKS and forthcoming UNEXPLAINED WEALTH DEPOSITS and for tax shield (no paper trail) purposes taking millions of dollars in kickback scheme as suppliers/business partners/accomplices for project funds generated from the AFP Modernization Program, Digitel/Sun Cellular, etc.
    Will serve as their virtual bank account for deposit and withdrawal facilities.



    Supplements –

    Anatomy of Graft and Corruption

    Three suppliers are in collusion: Jesus Trinos Jr (agent for Datatrail Corp./Ceragon Networks Israel) and Herminio Orbe (local agent and dealer for Alcatel), together they have put up several PLM Foundation Scholarship Programs as part of their working strategy to cover up their misdeeds of embezzlement, money laundering generated from fraudulent activities and the foundation will serve as a trust fund for ‘their Associates’ profit-sharing scheme the device would pocket extremely huge amount, ranging hundred millions of pesos the projects/contracts generated from the AFP Modernization Fund.

    “SYNCHRONIZED” SYNDICATED ESTAFA: Just recently, these suppliers/representatives/agents opened up their “Joint” bank accounts c/o PLM foundations which they both have newly registered at SEC (probably for tax evasion, tax shield, prevent any paper trail and money laundering purposes) so they could legally pocket the lion’s share of the loot once the AFP fund is released. Also, just recently, they even use some unsuspecting personalities like PLM President Adel Tamano, Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim, Ms. Gemma Cruz-Araneta, Ms. Viel Aquino and PLM web sites with quite a number of photo ops that would make them appear to have legitimate businesses and portrayed as full fledged benefactors, in the eyes of the general public their only mission apparently is “Just here to help.” Unknown to many, the PLM bank accounts will be used TO HIDE the “DIRECT RECIPIENTS” of forthcoming huge deposits, bank remittances and ill-gotten wealth (Winner by fraud won by this group of Fixers !)


    X X X
    02 October 2009

    In the aftermath of Ondoy’s disaster, we appeal to our generous PLM alumni and friends who have extra cash and goods to spare, to send their cash donation to:

    PLM Scholars Foundation, Inc.
    Banco De Oro C/A# 00438017412
    Metropolitan Avenue Branch
    Makati City

    I will coordinate with PLM officials on the method of relief operations for victims of typhoon Ondoy. I understand they are converting the University Activity Center into a relief operations center.

    PLM has canceled the activities of Pres. Adel Tamano’s birthday which is today, and instead will divert all efforts at extending help to typhoon victims. We are likewise aware that other PLM alumni and employes are likewise victims themselves, and we want to extend whatever assistance we can to alleviate their sufferings.

    With this, I would like to call on the PLM alumni community and friends to spare anything they can to help our fellow Filipinos and fellow alumni who are in need of help at this time.
    We would appreciate for all to spread the call for help. I can be reached at: +63916-340-2321, +63908-7777-666 or +63922-889-3113.

    Thank you very much.


    Jess Triños, Jr.

    Through the courtesy of the Foundation President, Herminio Orbe, the PLMAAI entered into an agreement with PLMSFI to have all private cash donations and contributions be coursed through the latter’s BDO account to facilitate the relief efforts needed by our fellow citizens at these trying times.

    X X X X X

    With a defective “fraudulent” JVA, they are displaying the roles of Robin Hood stealing AFP’s money to help a handful of their so-called PLM Scholars and then literally pocket the rest of the loot divided among themselves (bank wire transfers from AFP Modernization Fund WILL BE FORTHCOMING shall be made thru Ceragon Networks Israel – Datatrail Corp. Phils JVA); the controversial Filipino contractor Datatrail Corp. is connected with CVC Law (The Firm) !

    Bank Accounts-

    and SEC Registration-

    Here’s solid evidence that Datatrail Corp. DID NOT participate the bidding.

    AFP Modernization Program Fixed Communications Systems’ Bid Bulletin on the Shortlisted vendors:

    X X X
    Fixed Communication System (stage/status: 1st stage of the 2-stage procurement mode was held last September 8, 2005; new invitation to apply for eligibility and to bid (ITAEB) will be issued on October 20, 2005)
    Procurement Stage: 1st Stage – Opening and Submission of Bids
    ABC: P447,360,000.00
    Length of Delivery: 240 calendar days upon issuance of Notice to Proceed
    Highlights : Through a Supplemental Bulletin, the deadline for submission and opening of bids for the 1st stage bidding for this project was changed from 25 August 2005 to 8 September 2005, 9:00 a.m. On the day of submission and opening of bids, 4 companies complied, namely Alcatel Phils., Inc., Lucent Technologies, Nera Phils., and Ceragon Networks. None of them failed when their eligibility envelopes were opened. During the initial evaluation of the technical proposals of the 4 bidders, the BAC declared that they all passed, yet subject to post qualification/evaluation. BAC shall formally announce in writing, through the Secretariat, the results of the evaluation. Schedule of the opening of the revised technical proposal and their financial proposals (i.e. 2nd phase of a two-stage bidding process) is scheduled on October 20, 2005 due to request of bidders for longer time to prepare revised technical proposals.


    X X X X X

    Note: Based on the AFP BAC’s Bid Bulletin, there were ONLY 4 Bidders, not 5; the private Filipino company Datatrail Corp. was not in the list !

    A Multi-Billion Peso Question:

    IN THE SPIRIT OF TRANSPARENCY: Where are the Datatrail Corp. Eligibility Legal documents, to follow the rule of law on Government Procurement Act the RA9184 and IRR, to prove that they have participated the bidding to win the Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization Program Fixed Communication System (AFP FCS) Project ? There’s solid evidence that Datatrail Corp. Philippines DID NOT participate the bidding, yet have won the Billion peso project simply by presenting a JVA letter they became an INSTANT WINNER (“switching of Winners” because of a JVA letter !)-


    REP. IMEE MARCOS five years ago (published by Philippine Star Newspaper) had the SAME QUESTIONS why Datatrail Corporation had won contracts at the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation (BID) without going through the usual bidding process.

    What makes this Controversial Biddings and Awardings, another AFP Modernization Program Procurement Scam:

    Ceragon Networks Israel requested the Department of National Defense Bids and Awards Committee (DND BAC) for a re-bidding in CY 2005, connived and entered into Joint-Venture Agreement with a one-million-peso Filipino company called Data Trail Corporation who refused to participate the bidding, grossly violated the RA 9184 and IRR, ended up the “Winner without documents.”

    FRAUD WINNER: Here’s the MISSING ELIGIBILITY DOCUMENTS this Winner in this Controversial Bidding failed to provide, yet have won the AFP Contracts (in collusion with Ceragon Networks Israel).

    1. No NTC Dealer’s Permit (under the JV as required by law RA9184 and IRR)
    2. No List of All On-going Government and Private Contracts including contracts awarded but not yet started (under the JV as required by law RA9184 and IRR)
    3. No Statement of all Government & Private Contracts completed which are similar in nature for the last three years. The value of the prospective bidder’s largest single contract must be at least 50% of the ABC (under the JV as required by law RA9184 and IRR)
    4. No Net Financial Contracting Capability (NFCC) (under the JV as required by law RA9184 and IRR)
    5. No Credit Line Certificate (under the JV as required by law RA9184 and IRR)
    6. No Certificate of Cash Deposit amounting to ten percent (10%) of the approved budget (under the JV as required by law RA9184 and IRR)
    7. No Waiver (under the JV as required by law RA9184 and IRR)
    8. No Supplier’s/Distributor’s/Manufacturer’s Profile (under the JV as required by law RA9184 and IRR)
    9. No DTI Registration or SEC Registration (under the JV as required by law RA9184 and IRR)
    10. No Mayor’s Permit (under the JV as required by law RA9184 and IRR)
    11. No Tax Identification Number (TIN) (under the JV as required by law RA9184 and IRR)
    12. No EFS Tax Clearance (under the JV as required by law RA9184 and IRR)
    13. No Articles of Incorporation, Partnership or Corporation (under the JV as per RA9184 and IRR)
    14. No Certification of Non-Inclusion in the Blacklist (under the JV as required by law RA9184 and IRR)
    15. No ISO Certification, NTC License/Certification, OEM, Authorized Sole Distributor, Authorized Integrator, Accredited Training Provider, etc. (under the JV as required by law RA9184 and IRR)
    16. No Copies of end-user’s acceptance letter for completed projects (under JV as per RA9184 and IRR)
    17. No Audited Financial Statement (Balance Sheet, Income Statement & Statement of Cash Flow) for the immediately preceding three years (under the JV as required by law RA9184 and IRR)
    18. No Sworn Statement to have visited/conducted survey on all sites/stations (as per RA9184 and IRR)
    19. No Valid Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) submitted during the Stage 1 (as per RA9184 and IRR)
    20. No Letter of Authority to Validate Submitted Documents because Data Trail Corp. did not submit anything (under the JV as required by law RA9184 and IRR)
    21. No Certificate of Authenticity of Submitted Documents because Data Trail Corp. did not submit anything (under the JV as required by law RA9184 and IRR)
    22. No Authority of the Signatory (Special Power of Attorney or Secretary’s Certificate) (under the JV as required by law RA9184 and IRR)
    23. No Affidavit of Disclosure of No Relationship (under the JV as required by law RA9184 and IRR)
    24. No Certification as to Compliance of Existing Labor Laws and Standards (as per RA9184 and IRR)
    25. No Certification on the Availability of Requirements to include Life Cycle Cost (ref RA9184 and IRR)
    26. No Literature and Brochures describing the equipment, factory, facilities, products and service centers (under the JV as required by law RA9184 and IRR)
    27. No Bid Forms submitted (under the JV as required by law RA9184 and IRR)
    28. No Technical Proposal submitted (under the JV as required by law RA9184 and IRR)
    29. No Price Proposal submitted (under the JV as required by law RA9184 and IRR)
    30. No Tax Declaration submitted (under the JV as required by law RA9184 and IRR)
    31. No Tax Clearance Certificate submitted (under the JV as required by law RA9184 and IRR)
    32. No Tax Stamp ‘Received’ by the BIR submitted (under the JV as required by law RA9184 and IRR)
    33. Non payment of the Bid Security Bond

    Under the AFP Fixed Communication System, Phase 1&2: IB-26: Bidders in the Second Stage Bid: Bidders are not allowed to form JV or Consortium with other bidders, nor change their members or the structure of the JV or Consortium they represented in the First Stage. The sudden formation of Ceragon-Datatrail JV in later bidding stages is HIGHLY ILLEGAL, a gross misrepresentation; DND BAC should have automatically disqualified them as non responsive to Stages 1 & 2 rulings.

    The Winner lacks at least 31 pieces of information (referring to the above items) as required by the Government Procurement Act, thhe RA 9184 and IRR !

    Sana, bawal na po ang mga mandaraya sa bidding, mahilig manlamang, mga manlilinlang, mga influence peddling at mga sabwatan sa panahon ng P-Noy Administration.

    It’s very clear, therefore, that the Philippine Government can use their highly fictitious and fraudulent JVA arrangement (and the “JVA Magic”) as SOLID EVIDENCE to pin them down and file criminal charges: The “Customer” DND BAC and “Supplier” Ceragon Networks Israel/Datatrail Corporation have “an internal” BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP TO REWARDS THEMSELVES !

    To demonstrate Business as Usual with these fixers, here’s a Complaint of grossly disadvantageous bidding manipulations of DND BAC led by Mr. Othelo Carag as the main Spokesperson for the DND BAC (ganito po kagarapal mag Award ang DND BAC noong panahon ni Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, like Kingmakers, naghaHari-Harian po sila noong bidding, yun pala, MAY MANOK PO PALA SILA ! They always say we MUST “follow the rule of Law”, but here we have a basis, it was pretty obvious that the DND BAC was even the number one violators of the so-called “rule of law” when odds are against them. Mukhang tama po si Atty. Frank Chavez na Fixers/may hawak na fixers ang The Firm !):



  • On who the biggest loser is in Ilda’s article, it may seen to be PNoy as the “surface” loser, but in the end, Filipinos as a whole lose, as they have again fallen prey to the oligarchs’ schemes.

    • ChinoF,

      But I think it is best to judge the Presidential actions of the “oligarch” rather than pre-judge him. There is such a thing as breaking out of one’s past, and there is such a thing as reasoned hope. The core “mein” between Mr. Aquino and Ms. Arroyo is starkly different. One (I personally think) seeks to serve the public interest; the other manipulated it.

      • Mike H

        Joe Am: What does it gain ChinoF to think about Noynoy like you think about Noynoy? ChinoF does not want to give Noynoy the benefit of the doubt — in the same ballpark as you concluding that Ombudsman Gutierrez has done some things illegal despite lack of court proceedings.

        In fact, what does it gain you for ChinoF (or bongV or ilda) to think about Noynoy like you think about Noynoy? You kneel at the altar, they don’t want to — why the insistence that you have Truth and they don’t?

        • Mike H,

          I kneel at the altar of respect for the Presidency of the Philippines, not Mr. Aquino or his past or his family or even his campaign bluster. Respect for his heady responsibilities and the community of Filipinos who would benefit from a capable, public-service minded president. And I agree with him on the point of sacrifice for the good of all.

          That said, your question is a good one. On some issues, it is possible to go for a middle ground. On others, the differences are so great that two opposing views must agree to disagree. That does not mean one stands silent and lets the other view run riot. And there are different debate techniques; one that I don’t like is name-calling, although to some that is just as legitimate as my use of false analogies or some of the other specious techniques you have caught me at now and then.

          I have never discerned an interest in finding a middle ground among the AP crowd, and I confess to hardening my views with them, consistent with the condition of my arteries and blood pressure. Therein lies my reason for fleeing those discussions. To find a healthier site.

        • Ombudsman. I don’t recall saying she did anything illegal, and I would not make that case here. The case I would make is gross ineffectiveness, as the position is charged with controlling corruption across the Philippines, but corruption remains rampant and none of the name cases was brought expediently forward for review. Thus, we have a Truth Commission to work around the lack of explicit progress.

          • I’ve heard rumors of what goes on behind the scenes at the ombudsman’s office. I know some good people who have left their work there, disillusioned. They are swimming against the tide. From what i’ve heard of the Truth Commission, it will work within the framework of the law. They will find out and file appropriate charges at the proper forum, including the Ombudsman’s office because that is the law.

            At this point one can only hope the Truth Commission is not an exercise in futility. What is certain is that the government is going to give it a go. that is enough for me. Let us try and see where it goes from there.

  • Nice site you got here Cocoy. Hope it exhibits a bit more of the collectivism that FV promised but never delivered. 😉

    On the likening of P-Noy to “the biggest loser”, that’s exactly what it is — a likening. It’s a language device known as metaphor. I’ve always asserted many times (and you know I did) that Pinoys are metaphorically-challenged. Throw in a metaphor into your piece and it gets quickly construed as “name-calling”. That’s fine of course. After 10 years of doing this nothing much about Da Pinoy surprises me.

    Hope you’ll continue to welcome me as a commenter here, as I think I might be dropping by more often. 😉

    • Benedict, The Pro Pinoy Project will be better than FV ever was— or ever could aspire for, or ever could be.

      We’re slowly in rolling out the new features but, I hope the Pro Pinoy Community would bear with us.

      I look forward to reading your points of view here as well.


    Bah, only a fool would ever take Anti-Pinoy seriously. It’s so obvious that they are nothing more or less than Paid Hacks of GMA and Marcos, in addition to also being White-Worshipping Wannabe-Westerners. In other words, just a mere PROSTITUTE of a website.

  • Mike H

    proposals repeatedly expressed in antiPinoy(dot)COM include (i) charter change, e.g. (a)remove 60%-equity and board-of-directors-only-by-Filipinos in Constitution; (b) land ownership for foreigners (ii) less slander, more evidence-that-are-acceptible to courts; (iii) measurable development goals, more measurable project-milestones like United Nations Millenium Development Goals. They have also spoken of changes to Pilipinas educational curriculum (like more English courses, or that radical idea — government should increase the expenditures for more classrooms, more teachers (even if it means increasing corporate taxes)). Even the anti-anti-Pinoy speak of worthwhile items, e.g. that privatization of public enterprises, when conducted “among friends” without competition (that can come from foreign entities) or serious oversight, is a license to steal for cronies.

    Noynoy-admin should “File-a-court-case against ‘garcification’ or GMA-cronies or GMA herself” has been expressed many times in antiPinoy(dot)COM (no different than what has been said by Amando doronilla or conrado deQuiros and other mainstream media columnists).

    Of course, many antiPinoy blogposts also have the theme — that electing Noynoy into Malacanang was a mistake, but a few of them do say that hopefully the on-the-job-training-period for Noynoy does not prove that expensive for Pilipinas.

    Also sending blogcomments into antiPinoy is the venerable JoeAm saying “…be more respectful” or gabbyD asking many times “… what do you mean by that????” plus others who comment “… shut up already!!!! P-Noy is the president, not you… stop talking like you guys have good ideas. P-Noy will bring prosperity and honor to Pilipinas, and may santa tita Cory rest in peace.”

    • Oh this reminds me to finish writing that piece on charter change.

    • The venerable JoeAm gave up. You are correct, there are from time to time good ideas expressed there, but the environment is unwholesome and, indeed, reflective of the old-school dysfunctional Philippines where the perspectives are closed to objection, and to object subjects you to the loyal private army whacking away with unkind words. Also, I no longer trust people there to be objective, as the agenda is more important than the integrity of truth, or even respect that someone has elected to join the community. If you can’t trust somebody, what is the point of engaging them on anything?

      ps., my posts WERE deleted by BongV in a personal snit-fit, therein engendering my mistrust.

      • Felicity

        hear hear joe america. environment for productive discussion is needed. how can there be dialogue if one end does nothing but spit out ire? they’re worse than fox news.

      • Well I hope you will find what you are looking for in these pages Joe.

  • Felicity— very true. I wanted to see if they had something decent to say, but always disappointed.

  • Felicity

    Cocoy you’re wasting our time talking about Anti-Pinoy. Opposition is a good thing, but they’re surface-level opposition. When one opposes something, one must also propose an alternative. But as it is, as you say, “The opposition continues to oppose everything and proposing nothing.” I personally like reading criticism of the current government, and I’m glad we have that here on Propinoy. But apart from criticism, I also want to hear alternative solutions. Otherwise it’s akin to a child throwing a tantrum.