PNoy must seek experience help

Philippine Presidential Palace

Boo Chanco wrote:

According to Bobi, it was Executive Secretary Alberto G. Romulo who conceptualized and quite methodically run — until his assignment to the Department of Foreign Affairs in 2004 — this crisis committee. And surprise, surprise… the crisis committee should be an initiative of the executive secretary.

Not only did the executive secretary fail to activate the crisis committee, P-Noy was reportedly even the one who briefed him on the details of the crisis instead of the other way around. I agree with Bobi’s assertion that “one of the most important tasks of President Aquino’s executive secretary is to set up a structure that will deal with crisis situations.”

If the kabarkadas didn’t know how to go about putting up this crisis committee, they should have asked around. As far as I know, Romulo is a member of P-Noy’s cabinet. P-Noy could have asked his more experienced Tito Bert to help his clueless executive secretary go through the paces of how to run the most important office in the Palace.

And yes, Bobi is also correct to point out that P-Noy’s executive secretary didn’t have to, so to speak, reinvent the wheel. The Cabinet Oversight Committee on Internal Security could have been organized under Executive Order No. 121 of June 2001. That EO had not yet been revoked and so we can presume it is still technically valid. If that committee was operational, things would have been different on that tourist bus two weeks ago.

The op-ed needs to be read in its entirety. It is a must read.

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