Thank you, Mister President— Manny Villar

Screenshot of Vista Land's website

The Philippine Daily Inquirer wrote on the success of former Presidential aspirant and Senator Manny Villar’s businesses post election day:

As of Tuesday, Vista Land’s stock price closed at P3.23 from a low of P1.56 last May, which means that the market value of the Villars’ interest in the property firm has more than doubled since the presidential elections. While traded during the pre-election period as an unwitting proxy to the rise and fall of its founder’s popularity ratings, the mass housing developer has clearly transcended this political overhang. It is now trading on its own merits and yes, benefiting from the post-election surge in investor optimism (helped in no small measure by the victory of Villar’s 2010 archrival).

The country’s economic prospects are booming thanks to renewed confidence and political stability of the Philippines.

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  • Bert ,

    That’s the beauty of traversing the ‘tuwid na daan’ rather than the ‘liko-likong daan’. Everybody, including the ‘crooked’ traveler, benefited.