The Pro Pinoy Project partners with for population development

Mulat Pinoy

The Pro Pinoy Project is pleased to announce our partnership with Probe Media Foundation Incorporated, a non-profit organization committed to improving the quality of media in the Philippines and Asia through their multi-tiered media project, Mulat Pinoy, which is supported by the Philippine Center for Population and Development.

The Mulat Pinoy initiative seeks to inspire citizens to share ideas, discuss concerns and bring to the public and to government’s attention the salient and pressing issue of Population and Development.  The Pro Pinoy Project shares in this belief and advocacy.

The Pro Pinoy Project is an online citizen volunteer organization that is keeping an eye on government promises and activities in an effort to promote transparency and accountability as it seeks to engage Filipinos in Nation-Building through open and fair discussion on the issues that face the country.

The ProPinoy Project