Dear Mr President, Iskolar ng Bayan awaiting news on delayed stipend

A university student writes to ProPinoy:

In due to the fact that Philippines is facing new challenges together with the bloom of new administration, we “Iskolar ng Bayan,” are also facing a new phase. Do the new administration knows how hard to be a DOST-PCAMRD (PHILIPPINE COUNCIL FOR AQUATIC AND MARINE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT) scholar or also known as “PGMA Graduate Scholarships in Science and Technology” through the DOST Accelerated Science and Technology Human Resources Development Program (ASTHRDP)?

As an M.S. student, indeed it is so hard to study, to do field activities, to do special problems without the funds that the scholarship have promised and what the contract have stated. WE’RE STILL HOPING up to now that the 4 months delayed stipend will be over, that these new admin will really be RELIABLE and will put some action on this matter. GOD BLESS Philippines. 🙂

from, KuRoRo

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  • UP nn grad ,

    Ang sama naman na there is a suspension of the scholarship payments to you. That is not fair, it is wrong! Except mukhang dahil what you and your friends have are “-PGMA- Graduate Scholarships in Science and Technology” then Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo should pay for it and sabi ng Noynoy administration. Paltos naman ito, ‘di ba?

    Siguro lalabas na ang Presi-Noy-Aq graduate scholarships in science and technology at makakalipat ka doon.