The President’s cheap lunch

The President cheap lunch

This one off Ging Reyes’ twitter, you can see the President eating lunch with his entourage:


The Secret Service must be going nuts.

The ProPinoy Project

  • itisalie

    It’s a PR ploy because afterwards he went to 3 expensive places, Benihana, Keens and Serafina.

    What makes ironic is that they went to those places because they couldn’t go to Jollibee because of security problems. I ask, what is more dangerous, eating on a sidewalk or in a fast food chain? And btw, NOY allegedly spent 15,000 dollars for a 1 week PR.

  • UP nn grad

    I wish, though, President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino (who is known to be loyal to his close friends) accepted Puno’s resignation.

    I can see Rico Puno talking to the Senate Panel…Sabi ni Persidente, okay, hindi ba? Nag-resign na ako, ayaw tanggapin ni Per-sidente. Ano pa ang gusto ninyong gawin ko, ang sumbatan ninyo, si President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino (who has a reputation to be loyal to his close friends)

  • Bert

    “This only shows how safe America is. ”

    I’m sure the Philippines is as safe, too. President Noynoy can eat hotdogs on the streets of Divisoria, or Baclaran, Cubao, Quezon Circle, etc., without any untoward incident happening to him. The question is: Will he do that here? And why should he do that?

  • Delaney

    “This only shows how safe America is. ”

    @Jingle Bet
    I’m sorry, but are you retarded? How “safe” was 9/11? How many U.S. presidents have been assassinated so far? This isn’t an attack on the US, but I couldn’t let that idiotic remark pass.

  • This only shows how safe America is. And this also shows how simple our President is. Kaligtasan at Kasimplihan – Kayang makamit ni P-noy ng sabay.

  • GabbyD

    “Claro M Recto or Lorenzo Tanada where delikadeza was norm for the nation.”

    educate us..

    did these people fire someone who had a bad reputation during their term(s)?

  • UP nn grad

    I wish though he had accepted Rico Puno’s offer of resignation, like in the days of Claro M Recto or Lorenzo Tanada where delikadeza was norm for the nation.

  • To be hungry on a street corner in New York…the perfect time to BE un-Presidential. Yo Dennis, he’s not ‘showing’ how different he is from Gloria…he simply IS different. He’s as old as my eldest brother, he’s a president of my generation. A person with totally different values and belief systems from the old “Trapos”. The government he inherited is still full of Trapos and corruption. I join you in praying for his administration and for all Pinoys.

    • Although he did spend $54 on hotdogs, I still say it’s a good call. I hope it’s not a PR stunt.

  • Rikit

    woohoooooo go PNOY!
    continue being a good leader… by example.
    make it clean. make it honest 🙂

  • UP nn grad

    Had the US Secret Service advised against the foray onto Manhattan street, would Noynoy Aquino obey?

    • Well we don’t know if Secret Service advised him.

  • Dennis

    Good for him. Don’t go overboard with showing how different his administration is from the previous one though. That will be proven by good governance that lasts up to the end of his term. I wish his administration all the best because the Filipino people are in dire need of good leadership.