Evil cloaked in Greek letters

By Theodore Te, UP College of Law

Snippet of Mr. Te’s piece:

There is no justification for lobbing an explosive into a densely packed crowd of people who are oblivious to nothing but cheering for their friends, schoolmates, family and loved ones. Absolutely none.

There is nothing anyone can say to me that will convince me that one who would throw an explosive into a crowd did not deliberately plan to kill other people. Absolutely none.

It was an act done with malice, with premeditation, intentionally with the purpose of inflicting mortal harm.

That Ms. Laurel and the others did not die is a testament to Divine Intervention; that Ms. Laurel will probably end up a cripple is directly attributable to the cowards who hide behind the cloak of Greek letters and the skirts of their “brods.”

As one of our students, a frat man himself, has pointed out in his blog posts, it is time to go beyond words and condemnation, and it is a time for more concrete action. I agree.

The fraternities at war yesterday must make the first move: surrender those responsible so that they may be prosecuted. Otherwise, they reduce ALL Greek-lettered societies, many of them legitimate, to nothing better than street gangs and organized criminal syndicates.

Other Greek-lettered societies must also do the right thing: more than just condemning the act and saying that “we don’t do things like that”, they must ensure that in admitting people into their ranks, they are absolutely certain that those with issues, those with homicidal streaks, those with anger management problems, those who are in fraternities for the absolutely “wrong reasons” should not be admitted; and if, somehow, some of these have made it into their number, that they are courageous enough to ensure that they are not let out into decent company, unless on an extremely short leash.

Police your ranks.

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