4 booboos in 24 hours

In his September 28 Philippine Star column, former Senator Ernesto M. Maceda cites four mistakes that he claims members of the Aquino cabinet committed within 24 hours, claiming that “signs of incompetence are piling up”. He also warns that there are hard times ahead for the country.

With regard to the President’s recent US visit, he questions the move to hire a PR firm, saying:

President Aquino confirmed that a US PR firm has been hired to help him on his US visit. He didn’t give the cost but admitted it was “kind of huge”. In an effort to justify the expense, he said the PR firm helped get the $434 million from the Millennium Development Fund. It was also claimed that the PR firm helped get the New York Times and Wall Street Journal interviews. Based on my experience as Ambassador, you don’t need a PR firm to get those interviews. The Philippine Mission to the UN can easily arrange that. And definitely, the $434 million MDF grant was due to compliance with so many requirements accomplished earlier. The US PR firm has nothing to do with that.

The ProPinoy Project

  • I agree completely with eddie j. luenta, those politicians who now wish to forget or hide their illegal actions should have no voice now. Where were any of their voices in the struggles this country has faced for so many years. Where were you, what gives you the right to speak now?

    And perhaps the man might have attended Ambassadorial functions in the US, but that is a far step down from a presidential visit. And frankly, most Filipinos have no idea of the complexity of life in the US. Yes, absolutely the president required the use of a PR firm. Someone of President Aquino’s level should never visit the US without the backing and support of honest, devoted companies who believe that giving the customer more than what that ask for or expect, is proper and good business.

    Don’t as a nation, whether leader or citizen think that you have any idea what the US really is. You get your information from TV shows, not keeping in mind that most of those shows are purely fiction. If you think the US can be understood by watching the latest episode of what ever TV show you choose, you are badly mistaken. If those shows presented the real life of average Americans they could not retain their high ratings in the US. Why would Americans or anyone want to watch on a TV, the same situations they are in every day. They would not watch, therefore if those shows are popular in the US, they are used as entertainment. Not true life.

    All politicians, government officials, etc. made your choices long ago, live with what you’ve done, or not done. Take responsibility for you actions or inaction, act like an adult for a change.

  • eddie j. luenta

    sen. ernie maceda have been in the political scene for several decades now. but did sen. maceda contributed for the upliftment of the lives of the filipino people? time and again the political agenda of sen. maceda is for his own glorification. he is getting old now. we are just expecting that before he passes away he can at least leave a legacy for the filipino people. we just hope that instead of complaining and criticizing he should help the new administration to manage the gov’t. in the spirit of true governance. sen. maceda did nothing up to this day. he had keep his lips mum during the time of ex-PGMA. we presume that he had earned some fortune during the time. now sen. maceda what? you would like to spread discontentment among the people again? is this the kind of legacy you want the new generation to remember? during the early years of martial law you enjoyed it…later you smelled like a rotten rat that’s why the marcos’ distatorship dropped you like a garbage..during the cory years you again benefited…during the ramos and estrada you benefited..then the ex-PGMA years you kept mum..now you started to speak like an malfunctioning tape recorder.. sen. maceda if you don’t have anything better to do… RETIRE…that’s what we are expecting from you.