Conrad de Quiros wrote, “Still, Bitin”:

The Hamletian indecision is scary. As indeed P-Noy’s constant need to rely on the people he has surrounded himself with, not least his “alter ego” who is always in Malacañang and who followed him all the way to the United States, reposing them with the power he alone should wield as the elected president of this country. Don’t you just wish some of the dust from GMA’s relentlessness would settle on him, driving him to pursue to the ends of the earth, the way GMA moved heaven and earth, sky and wind, to get a photo-op with Obama the goal of making this country, if not an Enchanted Kingdom or a First World country by 2020, the best that it can possibly be? Don’t you just wish some of the rust from GMA’s megalomania would rub off on him, making him believe, which he really should believe having become president with the force of Edsa behind him and having the potential to become one of the best presidents this country has ever had with the power of Edsa in front of him, he can tug this country all the way to the Promised Land?

It’s a study in contrast, which still makes me feel:


Indeed. Bitin nga.

photo credit: Jay Morales

Cocoy Dayao

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  • eddie j. luneta

    yes. we are really hoping that P-Noy will think what will be best for the country, not what the people that sorrounds him thinks will be best for his presidency. P-Noy’s term will definitely expire after 6 years. but what he will do in the 6 years of his office will remain in the minds of those who will outlive it or maybe written in the history books of this country. his dad and his mom left a legacy of their own making. we hope that P-Noy will leave also a legacy to his name and not of his parents. times have changed the needs of the people during his dad’s and mom’s time and is entirely different from his. the period that have lapsed from that time on was filled with mismanagement of the resources of this country. it is now his time to correct those ills for the benefit of the people. we hope P-Noy will think for himself….