TG TV : Anak ng Jueteng!


The Blue Ribbon Committee Chairman and freshman Senator TG Guingona spoke about the First Hearing on Jueteng and explains the role of being a legislator and its relation with the executive branch.

What is TGTV?

TGTV is a weekly youtube video of Senator Tg Guingona. TGTV advocates greater transparency through showing the Public what really happens inside the Philippine Senate. The Public are also encouraged to participate by asking TG Guingona anything you want to know about him and his job as a senator.

Freshman Senator

TG Guingona said that being a freshman senator he was aware of being junior or a newbie. He also shared that he is very accommodating and gives everyone a chance express themselves. TG Guingona is a newly elected senator, and it is his first time to be a Senator of the Philippines. He was part of the Liberal Party’s Senatorial slate (SLAMAT LORRD) and known for his famous line “galit ako sa buhaya”.

The most important is Archbishop Cruz attended

He shared that he was able to convince Archbishop to attend the hearing and it was the most important thing. TG Guingona shares that other witnesses are required to attend but Archbishop was invited. This means that Archbishop has the right to reject the invitation but He chooses to attend the hearing, and the best part is Archbishop Cruz was able to reveal the names.

What is the role of a legislator?

In this video, TG Guingona elaborated the role of a legislator. He clarified that the role of senator is to create, amend or ratify laws. After then they will create a report and will proceed to hearings. The Legislators will pass their report to the executive for further investigation. It is then the executive branch who will execute the law.

Why Jueteng is an important issue?

TG Guingona explained that Jueteng is important not only because of illegal gambling issues but it can also be a source of corruption. Payola from Jueteng can be used to bribe their constituents thus removing the basic right of the people to freely  choose right and efficient leaders.

What to expect next?

Tomorrow will be the next hearing session and Senator TG will invite DILG Robert Robredo, USEC Rico Puno (who was accused of receiving payolas), PNO Chief Raul Bacalzo and the former PNP Chief Jesus Verzosa. He will also invite Romualdo Quinones and Ferdinand Rojas, officials from PSCO who were also accused. BIR Representatives and Anti Money Laundering council will also be present for the hearning tomorrow.

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Clariz is a Consular and Diplomatic Affairs Student; she’s an aspiring minister and photography junkie, she began writing last year after she was involved in a political campaign last election, her act of volunteerism was featured on Philippine Daily Inquirer.

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