Dear Mr President, we need more precautions against disease

A ProPinoy reader shares her views on Philippine government hospitals and universal precautions to prevent infections and communicable diseases:

As i visited a relative of my niece at the National Kidney Institute in Quezon City,we were not told by staff about patient’s condition before ,there was only a small star by the door.Nothing that says ISOLATION or any Precaution.

When consultant arrived we were told pt might have TB which they haven’t concluded with positive Sputum test,they said all 3 was neg.they did CT scan of the lungs,and still not confirmed if patien has TB ot CA of the Lungs.

First of all people got exposed to patient,room no Negatve pressure,Doctor told me room is not would you assure that we’re not exposed to TB.The next day we came back there was a box of mask worth 2000 pesos and sign outside about Isolation and limit visitors.

if i did not say anything they will not have this signs and precautuions for Isolation.i just want them to know that i was uncomfortable about that incident,especially it’s National Kidney Hoaspital,your transplant patient’s is at risk for this kind of contamination.I am also a Registered Nurse and a concerned Citizen.

~ Rebecca Mirasol

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