RH bill advocates ‘selfish’ – Bishop Oscar Cruz

In a press conference Archbishop Oscar Cruz said:

“I would like one thing to be very, very clear that perhaps a good number of people do not know that when we hear RH Bill; when we hear sex education; when we hear condoms and now when we hear abortion, etc., all of these only lead to one finality and that is contraception, and that is anti-population or population reduction,” an incensed Cruz said.

I wonder, did he even READ the bloody bill?

Here is my response to that: “Why the Church RH position is tenuous.”

Tenuous might be too big a word: it means “very weak.”

The piece delves into Humanae Vitae, and asks why the Church doesn’t explain its position in a sound, reasonable manner. Then it delves into RH bill and why it is important. In many ways, both are seeking the same thing— IF and only IF the Church actually does what it says it ought to be doing in Humanae Vitae.

Then again, the answer is that there is no reasoning with the Church. The state simply just has to do what it has to do for the sake of its citizens. Put it into a vote.

Cocoy Dayao

Cocoy is the Chief Technology Officer of Lab Rats Technica, a Digital Consulting company that specialises in DevOps, iOS, and Web Apps, E-Commerce sites, Cybersecurity and Social Media consulting. He is a technology enthusiast, political junkie and social observer who enjoys a good cup of coffee, comic books, and tweets as @cocoy on twitter.

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  • Ankol ,

    Quantity vs Quality…
    Quantity = The more the marrier???
    Quality = Better living standards.

    • tech84 ,

      Based from the title, my first reaction was: “Look who’s talking!”

      • juan dela cruz ,

        to liberdad and magranggol sabayan: nakakaawa kayo… halatang hindi niyo nabasa ang rh bill at hindi rin kayo nagbabasa ng constitution… the rh bill is just a deception of the government…. hindi po overpopulated ang mundo…. nagissiksikan lang tayo dito sa city…. maraming side effects and contraceptives at abortifacients…. kaya nga “contra” at “abort” ang root word kasi contra sa buhay! kung bionoibigay ng lang ng gobyerno yung pera ng pambili ng contraceptives na yan sa mahihirap, marami pang makikinabang. hindi kasi distributed ang wealth ng bansa…. kawawang mamayan. malaki ang binayad ng united nations na yan sa mga congressman na yan para ipasa ang bill na yan… alam mo ba na sa u.s. narealize na nila ang pagkakamali nila…. pati sa ibang bansa malaki ang naging epekto ng two child policy…. tayo na lang kasi ang hindi dumadaan sa ganyang proseso…. natatakot anga u.s. sa atin kasi darating ang araw mga pilipino ang mananaig sa buong mundo… mawawala na ang lahi nila….sana na-enlighten po kayo….ok po?

        • luis f. abano ,

          i have been trying to get the email address of Archbishop Oscar Cruz, will somebody please help me

          • Bert ,

            Naah, the Pope is not responsible for the abuses committed by erring priests.

            But the Pope should resign for doing a Merceditas Guttierez, :). The Pope should have initiated excommunication proceedings against those priests.

            • UP nn grad ,

              I wonder if there are Pinoys in Pinas who are brave enough to join this call:

              VATICAN CITY—The Vatican dismissed a “surprising” call for Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation made by the head of Belgian probe into child abuse by priests, a spokesman said on Friday.

              Child psychologist Peter Adriaenssens, the head of a church-backed probe in Belgium, said in an interview that the pope should take responsibility for hundreds of abuse cases that were uncovered.


              • magtanggol sabayan ,

                When will the Catholic leadership ever learn? 100 million Filipinos and still counting.Who’s going to feed them; educate them; dress them;treat them when they are sick; give them a decent place to sleep? Answer: The Catholic leaders in the Philippines.

                • Dexter Amoroso ,

                  You claim that the Church doesn’t explain its position a sound, reasonable manner. Would you care to walk us through the passage of RH Bill, Sexual Morality, etc so that we may see why your theological understanding is better than that of Archbishop Cruz or the Magisterium?

                  • manuelbuencamino ,


                    Should public policy conform to your theology?

                  • liberdad ,

                    Church “self-righteous sadists” — men and women suffering from diseases, complicated pregnancies, and more mouths than they can afford to feed