CBCP exec to govt: Give poor Pinoys jobs, not contraceptives

Street children - Philippines

Father Melvin Castro head of the CBCP’s Commission on Family Life was interviewed and this was what he said:

the government should focus on giving Filipinos means of living instead of promoting a “culture of death.”

“Hindi tayo nambibintang. Iginagalang natin ang mga lider ng ating pamahalaan, kaya natin sila ipinagdarasal. Ngunit ang kailangan ng mga maralita ay hanapbuhay, ang oportunidad sa edukasyon, at hindi ang artificial contraceptives,” Castro said in a talk before pro-life advocates in Manila on Saturday.

(We are not accusing anyone. We respect the leaders of our government, that’s why we pray for them. But what the poor need are jobs and education opportunities, not artificial contraceptives.)

The CBCP should focus more on religion, and morality than politics. Where are the counseling centers to help unwed mothers? Where are the health clinics from the Church? Where are the ways to help the street kids out of their drug taking lives? Where is encouraging the flock to give, to share, to be more concerned about others? Where is that driving being a person for others beyond talk, beyond Sunday sermons?

Image from World Street Children news blog

Cocoy Dayao

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  • Mr. Ridiculous,

    Interesting point, that the church can be defined as having a different purpose than the well-being of the Philippines as a nation. Morality is a variable, of course, and one can say it permits the flying of jets into buildings full of innocents or that man-made birth control methods are offensive to the God who gave us the free will that allows us to explore the full realm of science and human thought. I root for the Church to keep making ridiculous noise and becoming irrelevant, as they deserve to be. The planet is finite. Put that into the morality blender and see what it produces . . .

  • Yuri_Diculous

    Yes, the CBCP is focusing on religion and morality. That’s why they are against the bill. May mga taong tinutulungan ng simbahan ngunit ayaw naman magpatulong. And it is not really the Church’s role to help the poor in giving jobs. We should be aware of the specific roles of the Church and State. I think there are many dioceses/parishes which take the responsibility/role of the government. May pagkukulang nga ang simbahan, pero mukhang mas marami ang pagkukulang ng gobyerno.

  • jose dennis flores

    I agree to the POV that the government should give opportunities instead of condoms.

    The good father failed to note that in the RH Bill, the state will not be at the bedside of the couples who at the point prior to insertion will require the couple to put in the condom first. The point is still it will be the couple’s choice. The RH Bill simply puts this choice in a more obvious and educated way. We look at reproduction as though its taboo, because we are catholics. But let me emphasize that sex and sexual organs are part of the natural order created by God. We somehow failed to see that this gift comes with a high price to pay if we act irresponsibly.

    The government has been trying its best to provide the “opportunities” but with 98 million filipinos, these opportunities are reduced to the level of being insignificant because it gets dilluted too much, since 98 million (and more to come) will have to share it.

  • Macho Gwapo

    Unemployment has remained high in the Philippines, at almost twice the level of neighboring countries, despite relatively fast employment growth in the past decade. Employment growth was not sufficient to reduce unemployment because of rapid population growth and increased labor force participation. This paper shows that Philippine employment growth and unemployment declines were positively correlated with real GDP growth and, to a lesser extent, negatively with the real minimum wage. The key policy implications are that higher economic growth and moderation of increases in the real minimum wage are required to reduce unemployment.-IMF think damaso, think.

  • Eileen Leyva

    Pangulong Aquino, tama po si Fr. Melvin Castro. Hindi naman po masosolusyunan ng contraceptives ang karalitaan at kahundos-hundos na kalagayan ng mga mahihirap at ang patuloy na pagdami nila. Lahat po tayo ay gusto silang mabigyan ng magandang buhay, hindi parang mga daga sa lungga. Pero ang kailangan po nila ay pagkain, damit, tahanan at edukasyon. Punan po ito ng gobyerno at gaganda rin ang kanilang sitwasyon. Kapag hindi gutom, magtratrabaho din ang mga yan. Umpisahan kaya natin na bayaran sila sa paglilinis ng kapaligiran…

  • Ricardo Tambong

    Padre patawarin po ninyo ako: Pakiusap po, rendahan lang po paligid ninyo ang paligid ng sibahan maraming kawawang nakikisilong at nagugutom. Sila po ba ay binibigyan ng pagkain at matitirahan ninyo bilang bahagi man lang ng inyong koleksyon sa mga parokyano?

    Kayo mismo ay may proyektong nakabigay ng kabuhayan sa mga mahihirap? Baka epektibo iyan at puede bang makipagtulungan ang pamahalaan?

    Sana lumabas naman kayo sa apat na sulok ng simbahan at iabot ang inyong matulunging kamay sa lugar na mahihirap kung talagang kayo’y sumusunod sa apak ng ating Panginoong Jesus.

    God bless….po…