DOJ Secretary de Lima considered resigning

Abandon Shet quoted Bloomberg:

Philippine Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said she’s staying at her post hours after saying she may quit over President Benigno Aquino’s failure to adopt some of the actions she recommended against persons involved in the August bus hijacking that left eight Hong Kong tourists dead.

“I continue to fully support and remain dedicated to the President and to the fulfillment of his dreams for this country,” said in a statement. “Certain positions are bound to differ, even oppose each other. We cannot be so onion-skinned as to contemplate resignation every time our perspective is not adopted in its entirety by the President.”

The ProPinoy Project

  • ogie roger ,

    rico puno is so naive not to see the gravity of his indifference/incompetence that lead to the death of 8 hkg nationals just proved that he was promoted by prez p-noy to his level of incompetence and therefore must be removed for the same reason.

    • ogie roger ,

      if prez p-noy’s palace legal luminaries cannot find a case for rico puno that will stick in the court of justice, i think the appropriate thing that prez p-noy can do is just to fire him for negligence and incompetence in not making sure the direct orders to him were implemented.

      • UP nn grad ,

        Delicadeza lang iyan…. As Rico Puno has always said, the action is to demonstrate personal convictions and to stay with those who share the same principles.