President Aquino On the Issuance of a Status Quo Ante Order Regarding Executive Order

“Going beyond the Executive Branch, this order comes shortly after the Supreme Court issued a similar Status Quo Ante Order preventing the House of Representatives from acting on the impeachment complaints against Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez. The Members of the House protested what they believed was an intrusion into their own constitutional powers.

We kept our silence when the Supreme Court prevented the House from continuing with its impeachment proceedings.

That recent action of the Supreme Court tests the limits of its constitutional authority, and this latest order could precipitate a clash with another separate, co-equal branch of government.

Our democracy was built on the constitutional principle of the separation of powers; hence, there are three branches of government. We therefore appeal, as a co-equal branch of government, for the Supreme Court to consider the implications of its order.

This order also comes at a time when we had already taken significant steps forward, and public confidence in our institutions is being restored. We have saved the Filipino people billions of pesos by rescinding contracts that have been uncovered after the midnight appointees have been removed from office. The economy is on an upturn. This order can set back all of these achievements.

I call upon the Supreme Court to exercise judicial prudence at a time when the Filipino people deserve confidence-building measures from all our institutions rather than actions that might diminish this confidence.

Nakikiusap kami sa Korte Suprema na lawakan ang kanilang pananaw, at ipamalas ang pagtataguyod ng interes ng kalahatan.”


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  • UP nn grad

    At Pilo, tingnan mo ang isa pang kaibahan ni Per-sidente Noynoy at ang dating presidenteng Gloria Arroyo. Mas maraming multi-personality sa multi-tasking si Presidente Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino — latest incarnation, weather news announcer rin pala!

    Iyan ang tama — if you want to earn more money, then you have to be able to do more things.

  • UP nn grad

    Hey, Pilo, iba naman si Noynoy kay GMA! Si GMA kung nag re-restaurant sa New York, ayaw ng may television camera. Si Noynoy, kailangang-kailangan na nasa camera siya para ilagay sa YouTube.

  • Pilo

    Wala ring pinagkaiba itong si p-Noy kay GMA. parehong may vested interest.

  • Bert

    Totally agree with you, Joe, my friend. You can see the bright and positive side of things, though our benignO here, as his avatar will attest, is always looking down and can see only the murky side of things, hehehe.

  • Benign0,

    The Economist is a rag worth reading for sure, and they succinctly summarize the flaws of President Aquino’s approach. It is rather that the puppet and the puppet masters are jerking each other around a bit, and one would hope they would settle on forthright achievement as a goal. Still, I think there have been some productive acts other than the reproductive act stance, to wit various executive orders trying to unwind Arroyo’s rat’s nest of ropes aimed at binding President Aquino. For myself, I prefer the Philippines much more these days than before, as some of the “edge” has come off the lunacy, and we are dealing with more normalized inefficiency. That is progress, if not yet the Nirvana of island well being toward which you aspire.

  • The Economist weighs in on Noynoy Aquino’s First 100 Days

    The venerable Econcomist makes this terse assessment of Philippine President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III’s first 100 days in office in a 14th October report:

    Since taking office in June, he has proposed scant new legislation and promised little. His speeches are filled with platitudes and swipes at his unpopular predecessor, Gloria Arroyo-Macapagal. Nor is Mr Aquino obviously interested in foreign affairs; he is a reluctant flyer and has cancelled several trips abroad. “He’s not a statesman,” sniffs one Asian diplomat.

    They make other pointed observations…

    (1) “he has tiptoed around a disaster that took place in August after a disgraced former police officer hijacked a tourist bus in Manila”;

    (2) “[his government] is packed with people whose main qualification is their loyalty to his family”; and therefore,

    (3) his inclination to be fair in the dispensation of “justice” that was the cornerstone of his campaign blurbs are suspect: “Mr Aquino has ruled out prosecuting any official” and as such, “Rico Puno, the deputy interior minister, who also served President Corazon Aquino, the incumbent’s mother, […] will face no sanction”.

    Noynoy’s possible saving grace?


    Stick to his guns on his position on Reproductive Health

    According to a recent opinion poll, 64% of the electorate would support a politician who promoted “modern methods” of family planning. If Mr Aquino would take this as a vote of confidence in his nascent stand, he could do lasting good.

    It’s simple, really™ — though not for the small-minded.

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